Technology News

Labor sets its sights on text message scams

The Labor Party has promised tougher penalties for scammers if it is elected.


Government claims success in trial to block SMS scammers

Trial blocks thousands of text messages purportedly from government agencies.

Finance News

Flaw in banks' security costing Aussies billions every year

Finance watchdog says banks must implement stricter name checking on transactions, as Australians lose billions to scammers every year.


Expert advice on the latest scams and how to avoid them

John Deeks speaks with Delia Rickard, deputy chair of the ACCC, about the scams scourge.

Safety Online

Rise in scams targeting over-55s and over and how they work

People aged 55 and over account for almost half of all losses to computer takeover scams.


How you can join the fight against serious financial crime

Would you be able to spot a financial criminal?


'We have filed a case under your name': Beware of tax scams

The end of the financial year is near. So all of us - especially those scrambling at the last minute to get their receipts in order - should keep an eye out for the onslaught of tax scams.

Online Shopping

How to shop smart on social media

Tempted by the ads on social media? Make sure you're shopping wisely.

Centrelink News

Services Australia warns of realistic myGov impersonation scam

The Australian Taxation Office and Services Australia are warning the community about a new email impersonation scam.

Banking & Investment

Biggest rip-offs in retirement and how to avoid them

There's a lot to know about retirement. In this extract from her latest book, financial adviser Patricia Howard offers a guide to the most common rip-offs that could trip you up.

Finance News

Scammers impersonating defence personnel to con online buyers

Scammers have begun impersonating defence personnel to con online car buyers.


Beware these COVID vaccine scams

There’s never a quiet moment when it comes to scams. There are the tax time scams, the NBN scams, the Centrelink scams, the dating scams.…

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