Australia Day awards shun do-gooders for science

Today you can call me a leftie activist and I will still hold my head up high, because I think it’s wrong that humanitarians were ignored in favour of scientists in this year’s Australia Day awards.


New study finds poorer suburbs can be 10 degrees hotter

An RMIT University study has found that poor and disadvantaged Australian suburbs risk having urban hotspots that are more than 10 degrees higher than those found in greener, wealthier areas.


Build better muscles with exercise at intervals

Scientists may have found a way to halt muscle wastage in older people with a workout regime that involves interruptions which allow you to catch your breath.

Health & Ageing

Say goodbye to grey hair and wrinkles

Worried about the ageing process? Well, wrinkles and grey hair could soon be a thing of the past. A team from Salk Institute in La Jolla, California has undertaken gene therapy on mice and found that after six weeks of treatment, the animals looked younger, had straighter spines and better cardiovascular health, healed quicker when injured, and lived 30 per cent longer.


Three videos that show how wonderful water can be

Have you ever seen water freeze before your eyes, explode or start singing? You’ll wish that you’d paid more attention in science class when Mr Morrison was trying to teach you chemistry.


Grandmother wins High Court fight

After a long battle between a Queensland grandmother and a major US corporation, the High Court has ruled that the breast cancer gene BRCA-1 cannot be patented.


History’s greatest mad scientist

The most important scientist the world never knew, Nikola Tesla was born on this day in 1856.


The father of modern physics

Albert Einstein released his theory of relativity on this day in 1905.

Health & Ageing

Stop your skin ageing

New research has discovered an antioxidant which may be able to offer complete protection against sun damage, keeping your skin looking younger for longer.

Health news

Man grows nose on forehead

Xiaolian, a Chinese man, has grown a new nose on his forehead. What do you think about growing new body parts? Would you try it, or is it all too science-fiction?

Technology News

Sober pill could reduce drink driving

Scientists in America have successfully tested a combination of two enzymes on drunken mice, resulting in a fast lowering of their blood alcohol content.

Technology News

Meteor explodes over Russia

A 10,000 tonne meteor, captured on video, exploded over Russia on the weekend, causing a shock wave which has blown-out 3700 buildings windows and left 1150 people in need of medical attention.

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