The secret to a healthy life? This new book might have it.

The key to a healthy life could be locked inside your lymphatic system, says renowned heart expert Dr Gerald M Lemole.


List of post-COVID ailments keeps growing

It affects the respiratory system when it first hits, but COVID can also cause long-term organ problems for older adults.


Burst of creativity in sleep's 'twilight zone'

On World Sleep Day, we outline research that finds the brain is far from idle as we drift off.

Health news

Medical advances in the treatment of cancer continue, but do we have a

Evidence mounts that T-cell therapy can cure some forms of cancer.

Health news

Our sense of smell helps keep us alive, new research finds

Research has revealed that humans rely on their sense of smell for survival much more than we think.

Health news

Breakthroughs may be a game changer for osteo sufferers

Latest research shows a potential link between cholesterol levels and osteoarthritis.

Brain health

You’ve probably never heard of EBV, but you’ve likely had it

The Epstein-Barr virus is a disease you’ve probably had but never heard about.


Oxford vaccine trial on hold after participant falls ill

Drug maker says trial has been ‘voluntarily paused’ to allow a review of a ‘single event’ by an independent committee.

Brain health

Are there such things as male and female brains?

Algorithms are able to ‘predict’ sex from brain data with 80 to 90 per cent accuracy. However, the legitimacy of findings is in doubt due to the algorithms’ dependency on head size to make distinctions.


How gentle medicine could radically transform medical practice

Has medicine been hijacked by the desire for profit? By big pharmaceutical companies? By studies and surveys that are too small to offer valuable information? Jacob Stegenga puts his case.

Health & Ageing

Scientists close to predicting lifespan through studying genes

By studying the effect of genetic variations on lifespan across the human genome, researchers have devised a way to estimate whether an individual can expect to live longer or shorter than average.


Australia Day awards shun do-gooders for science

Today you can call me a leftie activist and I will still hold my head up high, because I think it’s wrong that humanitarians were ignored in favour of scientists in this year’s Australia Day awards.

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