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Revealed: The best time to call your airline

Have you ever tried to make a phone call to an airline? How long did you spend on hold? Here's the best time to call your airline to get straight through.

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Bali open to select visitors, but not Australians

The Indonesian government now allows international travellers from a handful of countries to visit Bali, but Aussies have been left off the list.

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Norwegian Cruise Line launches mindful adult colouring book

As research reveals mindful travel will be the trend for 2022, Norwegian Cruise Line launches mindful colouring pages for adults.


New low-cost airline to launch in Australia next year

Budget airline keen to take advantage of post-pandemic travel boom.

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Airlines update flight schedules as state plans become clearer

As Victoria and NSW start to chart their path back to COVID normal, Qantas and Jetstar announce their flight plans.


Otherworldly destinations right here on earth

These unique landscapes look like they'd be right at home on another planet.

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COVID restrictions bring domestic flying to a standstill

The latest report on airline competition in Australia shows the devastating effect that COVID restrictions have wrought on the industry.


Everything you need to know about Scotland's rainforest

Rainforest is not a word typically associated with Scotland. Here's what you need to know about Scotland's rainforest.

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Looking for transformative travel? Keep these six stages in mind

Many people are keen to travel after so long locked indoors. Professor Jaco J. Hammon explores the allure of travel and its transformative properties.


Nine of the most unfortunate place names in the world

From Idiotville to Hell: Nine places around the world with extremely unfortunate names.


The most luxurious cities in the world revealed has looked at the number of lavish venues in cities all over the world to determine the most luxurious destinations.

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10 best travel tips of all time

Become the savviest traveller around with the ten best travel tips of all time.

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