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Top ten overseas destinations

A trip overseas is no doubt a luxury yet surprisingly, over 40 per cent of YOURLifeChoices subscribers undertake international travel at least once a year. So where are they travelling?


Plenty to do at Lend Lease retirement villages

There is something fun and interesting to do at all of Lend Lease’s retirement villages across Australia. In February and March Lend Lease retirement villages are hosting open days, garden parties, antique road shows, BBQs and live music. It’s a great opportunity to see firsthand what life is like at a Lend Lease retirement village – so come down and join in the fun.

Eastern Mediterranean

Exploring Samatya – Istanbul's Armenian Seaside Neighbourhood

If you look on most maps, you won't find Samatya. That's because the modern name is Mustafapasa, but even today, just about everyone in Istanbul refers to it by the Byzantine name of Samatya, meaning sandy place.

Do you have any rights?

We hear a lot of discussion about rights but do any of us really know what our rights are? And more to the point, are these rights both fair and reasonable to expect in a democratic nation such as Australia?


MSC Yacht Club voted number one

Everyone enjoys a little luxury when travelling. It doesn’t come much more luxurious than MSC Cruises’ prestigious onboard sanctuary, MSC Yacht Club, which, unsurprisingly, has been voted number one by those who count, the passengers.


Sets children free - no hassle, no worries and no cost!

MSC Cruises welcomes families to uncover the ideal cruise getaway. Ancient history, warm sunny beaches, stunning architecture and ease of travel, just unpack once and let the whole family enjoy the world of MSC Cruises.


Northern Europe is music to the ears

The experience of cruising across the waters of Northern Europe has just become even more appealing. MSC Cruises’ offers a program which focuses on the breathtaking beauty of the Norwegian Fjords and the enchanting charms of the Baltic capitals – all at bargain prices.

Cruise Deals

MSC Cruises 2012 cruises are here and packed with great value!

A family owned and operated Italian cruise line, MSC’s international ambiance surrounds you from the moment you step onboard. Traditional Italian hospitality, state of the art design, warm contemporary furnishings and authentic international and Mediterranean cuisine will greet you as you enjoy your cruising experience.


Which Mac is right for you

Over six percent of Australians have made the jump to Apple Mac computers, and it is a figure which is constantly rising. People are switching in droves because of the straight-forward nature of an Apple computer and its relative affordability.

Technology News

Protection from power surges

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Jenny wants to know if her home and contents insurance will cover her computer from power surges. Drew explains what the majority of insurance policies cover and suggests ways Jenny can protect her computer and data from power surges.

Carbon Tax

Carbon tax compensation

A few months may have passed since the announcement of the proposed Carbon Tax but the detail of how the compensation will work is still the subject of some confusion. Denis would like to know how compensation will be paid.

Claiming your pension overseas

Overseas pensions

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Ronnie is based in the US and would like to know more about claiming an Australian Age Pension from across the pond and not being liable for tax.

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