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Carolyn’s concern for her mother

Q. Our 92-year-old mother, who has Macular Degeneration, lives alone on her 50 acres and has been stripped of her life savings by a conman doing a botched asphalting job. What can we do?

Centrelink – Services Australia

How much can we gift?

YOURLifeChoices subscribers, Glenn and Jennifer, would like to gift money to their children but are keen to know the limits?

Seniors Finance

Frozen Funds and Centrelink

The Government is closely monitoring the global financial crisis and its impact on pensioners and has asked Centrelink make a special one-off update of our system with the current value of any shares and managed investments that pensioners might hold. This will be done in the next few weeks to ensure pension payments are based on the most up-to-date asset values available.

Pension eligibility

Age Pension residency requirements

Strict residency requirements exist for those wishing to claim the Age Pension. YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Jamie, would like to know if he can claim the Age Pension from the Philippines.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Useful Centrelink publications

Understanding your Centrelink entitlements may be made easier by first reading the host of publications provided by Centrelink, all available for download.

Carer Payments


Carer Payment is a payment for carers who, because of the demands of their caring role, are unable to support themselves through substantial participation in the workforce.

Mortgage & home Loans

Reverse Mortgage or Home Equity Conversion

A good deal of the assets of Australians are in their homes. About 75% of older Australians own the home where they live and they owe very little or nothing on the property.

Technology News

Internet for Nomads

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Sally, wants to know her internet options for when she takes to the road in her camper trailer.

Seniors Finance

Tax checklist

Getting ready for tax return time will help take some of the stress out of completing your tax return and will make sure you get any tax refund quicker!


Mobile phone plans explained

Choosing the wrong mobile phone plan can be a costly error but working your way through the myriad of information available is almost impossible as YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Brian, has found.

Technology Q&A

Emergency mobile communication

I was wondering if there is a product that can be worn by a pensioner in & out of home for emergency calling. My father is 85 and lives alone and there are no relatives living in a close proximity. All family live in another state.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Appealing Centrelink Decisions

The Social Security Appeals Tribunal is first level of external review of decisions made by Centrelink and can help you deal with any issues you may have with Centrelink decisions.

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