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End of year help for age pensioners

Hank Jongen tells how Services Australia plans to support older Aussies through summer.

Centrelink News

Centrelink staff not ‘productive for customers’, report finds

Survey of Services Australia staff finds deep dissatisfaction with performance targets.

Centrelink News

December Centrelink changes to affect half a million

New Centrelink reporting rules are expected to affect more than half a million Australians depending on government support such as JobSeeker.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Services Australia has a plan to reduce application processing times

Service Australia is trialling new optical character recognition (OCR) technology that, if successful, will greatly reduce application, assessment and payment wait times.

Age Pension

JobSeeker declared the new ‘pre-Age Pension’ payment

JobSeeker has been declared the new ‘pre-Age Pension’ payment, as older Australians overtake younger people as the typical Jobseeker recipient.

Income and asset tests

Can you take out a loan to reduce the value of your assets?

Norm has shares purchased through an equity loan account and wants to know how they are assessed by Centrelink.

Age Pension

PM flags possible pension payment reprieve

Prime Minister Scott Morrison suggests that there may still be more financial assistance on the way for pensioners.

Age Pension

Aussie pensioners denied Age Pension increase in September

Early reports that the pension would not increase in September were confirmed on Tuesday, as government officials blame backwards inflation in the June quarter for the decision.

Age Pension

How the Pension Loans Scheme works

Part age pensioners, or people who do not receive any income support pension because of the income or assets test, are able to borrow instalments from the government, under the Pension Loans Scheme.

Age Pension payment rates

No Age Pension rise in store for September indexation: CPSA

The Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association claims there will be no increase to the Age Pension at the next indexation.

Banking & Investment

When are investments valued for deeming rates?

Harry is confused about the dates deeming rates are applied in the income assessment and wants some clarification on the rules.

Age Pension

What are the differences between concession cards?

Sue wants to know the difference between the Pensioner Concession Card and the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

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