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Centrelink bid to chase decades-old debt from 72-year-old's estate

Centrelink eventually forced to wipe disturbing debt after acknowledging 'mistake'.

Age Pension

Pandemic payment loophole will see one million excluded from aid

Centrelink update: Around one million Australians in lockdown will be excluded from emergency financial aid, Labor MPs accused of lying to age pensioners.

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Australia's most vulnerable die waiting for Centrelink payments

Around 130 people diagnosed with a terminal illness died before receiving a disability support pension (DSP) last year, new data reveals.


Where to access free, confidential financial information

Services Australia offers a number of free specialist services for all Aussies.

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Services Australia warns of realistic myGov impersonation scam

The Australian Taxation Office and Services Australia are warning the community about a new email impersonation scam.

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Centrelink wait times, queues, tipped to blow out post JobKeeper

The end of JobKeeper will mean more people unemployed, more pressure on Centrelink's staff and systems, says Professor Roger Wilkins.

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Big boost in profits for some companies receiving JobKeeper subsidy

It seems most of the ASX-listed companies that received JobKeeper subsidies didn’t need it, and most of them are keeping the money.

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Government toying with major reform to Centrelink payments

The federal government is reportedly considering streamlining welfare payments into a single payment for unemployed Australians receiving multiple supplements and subsidies. According to The Australian,…

Age Pension

How to access extra financial support next month

Extra financial support coming in MarchHi everyone, Services Australia will be paying the fourth Economic Support Payment to eligible customers from early March. This $250…

Centrelink – Services Australia

Services Australia using COVID-19 to transform Centrelink

Services Australia is trialling a new Centrelink virtual service centre to facilitate video appointments with customers even after the pandemic.

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Centrelink resumes debt-chasing from Monday 1 February

Centrelink changes set to take effect on 1 February will put hundreds of thousands Australians on notice, as the pandemic debt reprieve ends.

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End of year help for age pensioners

Hank Jongen tells how Services Australia plans to support older Aussies through summer.

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