Banking & Investment

Timing the share market – it’s hard

If super funds are hesitant to aggressively time the markets, should you?

Banking & Investment

Noel Whittaker on riding out the storm

How should my super be invested and is it time to give up on earning interest on money in the bank? Noel answers member questions.

Finance News

Easing tax load on beneficiaries

Jane is thinking ahead and wants to know the most tax-effective ways to bequeath her assets on her death. She asks Noel Whittaker for guidance.


Most Aussies have no idea super works

The Australian superannuation sector has just experienced their worst quarter on record, and many Australians are wondering why trustees did not automatically de-risk in the lead-up to the COVID-19 crisis.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

How COVID-19 is affecting your nest egg

Our favourite money man is Noel Whitaker. Noel has very kindly made himself available to talk with us on bank dividends and superannuation. And just that whole you know, how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting people's nest eggs and what they should know on that topic. So, you couldn't get better advice.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Stock market tips

Today, the Australian Shareholders Association chief John Cowling joins John and Kaye to discuss what you should consider when creating a share portfolio, as well as other stock market tips.

Banking & Investment

Secret to investment success

The chief market strategist for CMC Markets said there is no one-size-fits-all approach to investing, but, rather, a certain attitude one must have to curry favour with the money gods.

Banking & Investment

The case for dividends

While retirees tend to prefer ‘safe options’ for their nest eggs, higher yields through dividends are becoming increasingly popular, writes Peter Gill.

Banking & Investment

What you need to know about shares

Personal finance guru Noel Whittaker has updated his book, Making Money Made Simple. He shares this extract on shares with YourLifeChoices members.

Banking & Investment

Putting your money to work

Financial adviser and author Helen Baker tells what you should be doing to ensure your money is working hard to support you in retirement.

Age Pension

How are shares assessed?

David has had a big share market win but is now worried about his pension payment.

Banking & Investment

Are you owed a franking credit payment?

If you own shares or managed funds, then you may be owed money by the Government. Use this tool to calculate how much you are owed.

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