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How much sun is safe?

There’s a fine line between too much and not enough sun. Too much UV radiation from the sun can give you skin cancer, but then solar rays are the best natural source of vitamin D. So, how much sun is safe?

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When should you worry about that mole?

When a mole may indicate a skin cancer it’s important to be able to identify it early. The ABCDE rule can help you to determine whether you should get to a health professional ASAP.


Be sun smart

As the weather heats up, we should be covering up.

Health & Ageing

Know your own skin

Protection from the sun is an all year round issue in Australia, but the fierce summer sun calls for extra vigilance. With at least two in three Australians being diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70, knowing your own skin may help you identify any changes which need to be checked out.

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Men urged to watch their backs

Every year, the third week in November is Skin Cancer Action Week and this year, Cancer Council Australia is issuing a stark warning to Australian blokes; every day, two men aged 45 or over die of melanoma.

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Australia gets SPF 50+

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has given the go-ahead to allow Australian sunscreens to be sold as SPF 50+. The new sunscreens will also have a higher level of protection against cancer-causing and skin-ageing UVA rays.