Health news

Going to sleep later increases the risk of heart disease and death

A new study concludes that night owls have an increased chance of dying early, plus heightened vulnerability to a range of other illnesses such as heart disease.

Health news

Best treatment for bedtime performance anxiety

The therapy experts say this is safer and more effective for treating insomnia than medications.


Signs you should try sleeping separately

If you're struggling with sleep differences and disturbances, it might be time try a sleeping separately.


Technology to help you get a better night’s sleep

Sleep: it’s the best time of the day for some, whilst for others, sleeping doesn’t come so easily. So, we’ve found some revolutionary tech to help you chase down those precious Zs.


Study reveals sex before bed can nearly double your REM sleep

If you're having trouble sleeping soundly, this study suggests having sex before bed can boost REM sleep.


Experts believe sleep maximises effectiveness of COVID vaccine

With the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines now underway, University of South Australia sleep experts are urging people to reprioritise their sleep.


How to … fall back asleep

Sleepless nights are frustrating, and for some people, all too common. Controlling your surroundings, avoiding stimulants and practising yoga can help you to fall and stay asleep.


How to know when it's time to break up with your mattress

Here are the telltale signs of an ageing mattress.

Brain health

Sleep has the power to solve your brain and memory problems

Good-quality sleep has the power to solve your memory problems and improve cognitive function, according to the Sleep Health Foundation.

Health news

Here's the science on three traditional sleep remedies

Sleep is essential for good health. Poor sleep quality, or not enough sleep, can negatively affect our mood, cognitive function, and immune system.

Brain health

How you may be doubling your risk of dementia

The older we get the rarer those nights of deep, restorative sleep, but the evidence is overwhelming that good sleep is essential to good health.…


Is melatonin or magnesium a better sleep supplement?

Melatonin is a hormone, whereas magnesium is a mineral. Both affect your sleep, but in very different ways.

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