Health news

Researchers a step closer to easing sleep nightmare

Two repurposed drugs found to cut nightly sleep apnoea episodes by a third.

Health news

Are your dreams trying to tell you something?

According to a dream psychologist, dreams help us process emotion and can reveal a lot about our emotional wellbeing.


Simple ways to improve sleep health

Some simple ways to improve your sleep health and beat disruptive waking.


Defying your natural body clock can harm your wellbeing

People whose sleep pattern goes against their natural body clock are more likely to have depression and lower levels of wellbeing.


Get deeper sleep and happier dreams with these five tips

There are a few things you can do before bed to set yourself up for a restful, relaxing snooze.

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A $4000 mattress and other sleep rip-offs to avoid this winter

Consumer group CHOICE is warning Australians to avoid "sleep shonks" this winter and giving advice on how to get a good night's rest.

Health news

Lack of sleep lifts dementia risk and these tactics don't work

New studies show what doesn't work in the quest for a good night's sleep as scientists link poor sleep with dementia.

Alternative Therapies

How to repair the hormone imbalances that ruin a good night's sleep

Menopause and the resulting hormone imbalance can wreak havoc on your sleep, and naturopath Lara Briden knows how to fix it.


How to sleep if you share a bed with someone who struggles to drift of

Dr Guy Meadows shares his expert advice on getting, and staying, asleep.


Which sleep position will help you live longest?

We all know that sleep is integral to a long life, but the position in which you sleep can either do wonders or damage your health. So, which position will help you live longest?


Napping could help you stay mentally agile

Sleep experts share their tips for achieving the perfect power nap to wake up feeling refreshed.

Health news

Going to sleep later increases the risk of heart disease and death

A new study concludes that night owls have an increased chance of dying early, plus heightened vulnerability to a range of other illnesses such as heart disease.

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