Are tweets an acceptable tribute?

Last week, Leonard Nimoy’s death from a chronic lung disease caused by smoking provided a poignant lesson for all smokers: quit now to live long and prosper.


Soft drinks as harmful as smoking

A study conducted at University of California, San Francisco had found that sugary soft drinks can age the body’s cells as rapidly as smoking.

Health & Ageing

Ten ways to a better brain

Nobody wants to get dementia, but until the condition is fully understood, you can keep your brain sharper for longer with these 10 helpful hints.


Calls for cigarette floor price

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon announced yesterday that he plans to introduce a resolution in the upper house to seek a minimum floor price for all cigarettes sold in Australia.

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Make CBDs smoke free

A Melbourne city counsellor has called for the CBD to be a smoke-free zone.

The cigarette tax

In Friday’s mini-budget, the Federal Government plans to announce a 50 per cent increase in the excise on cigarettes, to be introduced evenly over four years.

Alternative Therapies

How to give up

Whether you want to give up smoking, nail biting, drinking alcohol, eating sugar or any other bad habit, this helpful how-to guide is a painless way to get started.

Images of death

Bryan Curtis was an American citizen, living in Florida, who started smoking at age 13. When the father of two boys was 33 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and died within 10 weeks. Wanting others to benefit from his awful fate, he asked that young children be shown images of how shriveled his body had become as the cancer took hold. Reporter Sue Landry from Florida’s St Petersburg Times published an article on Bryan, ‘before and after’ images of the healthy young man at 33, and the wasted wreck of a man 10 weeks later just before he passed away. These two images are now printed on the packets of cigarettes in Australia.

Plain packaging for cigarettes

We are now in the second day of the three-day hearing between tobacco companies and the Australian Government. The Government’s legislation that cigarettes and tobacco be sold in plain packaging was passed in November.

The fewer smokers the better

I’m all for the plain packaging of cigarettes. I don’t smoke myself, and I really object to being subjected to other people’s second-hand smoke. In much the same way that cyclists feel they have the moral high ground over cars, I’m convinced that it is my right to sit outside at a café and eat my lunch without being enveloped in a cancer-causing cloud of smoke. So as far as I’m concerned the fewer smokers the better.