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How much is needed for an SMSF?

Keith has always planned to start his own SMSF, but is now starting to question whether he has sufficient funds to make it worthwhile.


Superannuation spending concerns

Although 2013 showed the highest average superannuation returns since the GFC, there are serious concerns about baby boomers and their retirement savings. These concern related to the amount some boomers are withdrawing as well as the investment choices of those with SMSFs.

Finance News

Switching super to a SMSF

What do you need to know if you’re considering a SMSF


Can we still contribute?

YOURLifeChoices member Vince and his wife are approaching 65 and want to know what impact this will have on their SMSF. Craig Hall of NICRI aims to clarify their options. n n n


Good housekeeping for SMSFs

Australia currently boasts around 435,000 Self Managed Super Funds. Martin Murden provides tips on three areas key to keeping your SMSF in good order.

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