Health news

Health alert: Elderly at risk from social media misinformation

Elderly Australians are particularly vulnerable in the time of COVID-19. Isolation and a need for accurate information has them turning to social media for answers, often with disastrous results.


The power of connection: Why keeping in touch is great for your health

A whole lot of things are genuinely good for you, but it turns out social connectedness is a biggie. Find out why, and how to make the most of it.

Federal Budget

Social reaction: The people that Budget 2020 forgot

Social commentators have slammed Budget 2020 for failing to address the needs of women and older unemployed workers.

Social Networking

Can you trust endorsements from Facebook friends?

Kaye’s friends have alerted her to Facebook using her name to promote products and she wants to know what she can do about it.

Safety Online

Protecting your privacy and security after death

Many of us take steps to secure our privacy while we’re alive, but there’s mounting evidence that we should be equally concerned about the privacy and security risks of our data after death.


Tiny pleasures that make people happy on a cold day

We reached out on Facebook to ask what makes YourLifeChoices members happy on a cold day.


Who do you trust? Aussies shun fake news sources during pandemic

As Australians devour more news during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media service Facebook is among the country’s most distrusted brands, according to a new survey.


Be wary of what you see on social media

Australian College of General Practitioners president Harry Nespolon talks all things COVID-19.

Social Networking

Has Facebook found the answer to reining in fake news?

Can hiding likes make Facebook fairer and rein in fake news? The science says maybe.


Travel Vision: Strange request gets this Eiffel tourist an ‘eyeful’

Instagrammer Sid Frisjes’ 15 minutes of fame will forever linger in the internet prank hall of fame.


You need to change your Facebook password

Facebook has admitted to leaving the passwords of up to 600 million Facebook and Instagram users readable by its employees for years.


Don’t fall in love with a scammer this Valentine’s Day

The ACCC warns people to be careful about who they ‘friend’ online this Valentine’s Day, with stats showing people are most likely to be preyed upon by romance scammers on social media.

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