Messenger Day: a fun way to tell your story

The best features of apps are often uncovered by mistake – that’s exactly what happened when Debbie discovered a fun new way to share her day with Facebook Messenger.


Learn how to make friends (and keep them)

Making friends may be the first hurdle, but being a good friend is the real skill. These tips may help you to create new friendships and learn how to maintain them.

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Online dating: how it can go wrong

Online dating may be one of the more popular and common ways to meet people these days, but as this story from Ken attests, you do need to be careful and have your wits about you.


International Chardonnay Day

International Chardonnay Day takes place on 23 May.


Grandparents' support

Caring for a child will mean many changes to your life, socially and financially. Often, the circumstances that see you being responsible for a child’s care are less than ideal. So where do you turn for help and support?


Social solutions for singles

Whether you find yourself suddenly single or have been enjoying your own company for a while, there are situations which arise where you may need a little guidance. Debbie answers five simple questions to help you avoid a social faux pas.