Health & Ageing

When forgetfulness sparks dementia concerns

Rob’s wife is becoming forgetful – enough to cause him concern. He asks Dr Troye Wallett if he should talk to her about visiting a GP to discuss the issue but fears that may stress her.

Health news

Treatment costs ramp up stress for critically ill: survey

AIA Healthy Living Index 2018 shows a ‘financing gap’ between healthcare provisions and the expected real costs of serious illness.

Banking & Investment

Older Aussies increasingly relying on ‘payday loans’

The number of stressed older Australians taking out ‘payday loans’ to enable them to get through to the next pension payment is six times higher than it was 10 years ago, research reveals.


Can mental health apps change your life?

Stay calm and take a deep breath. Here are four mental health apps that could help you through periods of stress or anxiety.


Older adults better at anticipating stressful events: Study

A recent study has found that older adults are better than younger adults at anticipating stressful events at home.

Mental Health

How to ease anxiety

There are many tools and techniques you can use to manage anxiety effectively.


Can stress kill you?

Some of us thrive on having adrenaline pumping, but just how harmful is stress to our health? Prolonged exposure to stress has been linked to numerous serious health conditions.


Australians are self-medicating against dementia and stress

According to a new survey of 3135 individuals, Australians are using video games daily to deal with health issues such as stress and dementia.


Find yourself delaying big tasks? Try these anti-procrastination tips

Procrastination takes many forms, whether it is struggling to start a task, delaying as you start making progress or battling to finish your work, but there are ways to address the issue.

Mental Health

Five quick pick-me-up tips

If you ever feel stressed, down or just a bit tense, then why not try any of our five quick pick-me-up tips? Perhaps you’ll find one that puts a smile on your face.


Heart rate too high? Here’s how to lower it

Even though a normal resting heart rate can vary quite significantly, an unusually high heart rate may signal that there is an underlying problem. So here’s how to lower it.


Don’t let stress ruin your festive fun

Christmas is supposed to be fun but it can bring a lot of stress. To stop you from blowing a gasket, here are some suggestions to help take the frustration out of the festive season.

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