Fewer stroke victims heeding warnings

Fewer people are presenting at hospitals for stroke during the pandemic, leading to pleas from medical professionals for anyone with symptoms to seek help immediately.


Vein and artery problems

There are a number of complications that can occur within your arteries or veins, potentially preventing your organs or limbs from receiving oxygen, essential nutrients and immune support.

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Fewer Australians dying from strokes

Australians are suffering fewer strokes and dying less often as a result, and simple measures could further reduce their incidence.


COVID-19 stroke fears

Experts are concerned about newly observed, severe effects of COVID-19 infection, including the incidence of stroke and the possibility of long-term organ damage.


Routine to help prevent stroke

Two studies, presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference, suggest that treating gum disease alongside other stroke risk factors may reduce your risk of stroke.

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Device cuts risks for common surgery

A new medical device to reduce the risk of complications following a common procedure to unblock clogged arteries is being developed by Monash University researchers.

Brain health

Brain can repair after stroke: study

A world-first Australian study is uncovering the impact of exercise in helping the brain to recover after a stroke.


Vegetarian diet and stroke risk

A UK study finding vegetarianism is associated with a higher risk of stroke than a meat-eating diet has made headlines around the world.


Why heart disease worries are rising

Long-term declines in mortality rates for people suffering heart disease and stroke are stalling, researchers say, and they are blaming one key contributing factor.


Diet can lower heart failure risk

New research has found that people under 75 can reduce their risk of heart failure by adhering to the DASH diet.


Live longer on this diet

Research has found the key to a reduced incidence of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other chronic diseases. And the findings will form the basis for WHO guidelines.

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Tackling Australia’s biggest killers

The Government on Monday announced a new national action plan to tackle two of Australia’s biggest killers – heart disease and stroke.

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