Brain health

Brain scans show benefits of exercise for stroke survivors

A world-first Australian study is uncovering the impact of exercise in helping the brain to recover after a stroke.


Study finds key to slowing progress of Alzheimer’s

Medical researchers hunting for a treatment for dementia are calling their discovery an “exciting revelation”.

Health news

Migraine diagnoses positively associated with dementia

Migraines can be painful and debilitating, but they could also be a sign of something much worse, say European researchers, who have positively linked migraines with dementia.


Sleep problems costing Australia $66b per year: report

Government-commissioned inquiry seeks Medicare rebate for treatment of sleep issues.


Study finds those who retire before 65 reap benefits

Retirement may not automatically lead to better health, but it presents a great opportunity to achieve just that, a study has found.


Ill-health costs retirees $142k in lost super: report

Australians forced to retire early due to health problems that could be treated with early intervention each lose up to $142,100 in superannuation, according to a new report.


Stroke can double dementia risk, new research discovers

High blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are key risk factors for stroke, which can double the likelihood of dementia, study warns.


Study warns of retiree income black hole

A new survey of almost 9500 people that looked at every stage of retirement says “the potential for outliving retirement savings is high”.

Health news

When is old too old in relation to your doctor?

Australia-wide study analyses complaints involving GPs and makes key recommendations.

Health news

Study reveals secret to simple weight loss

New research has revealed the secret to achieving significant weight loss by changing the way you eat, but not the quantities.


Could you die in five years?

A five-minute test can determine whether you’re at risk of dying in the next five years. Scientists claim that it is the most accurate indicator of five-year mortality ever created.


Smarter people live longer

While it’s long been believed that lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and smoking are the key to determining how long you live, new research suggests your DNA is more important.

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