Soldiers with mental health issues deserve more funding

Money spent commemorating dead soldiers could be put to better use by helping surviving soldiers combat mental health issues.

Aged Care

System failing at-risk group in nursing homes: study

Findings highlight that older men with depression entering aged care are at heightened risk of suicide and our aged-care system isn’t equipped to provide the support to protect them.

Mental Health

Professor blames lack of support for high elderly suicide rate

Elderly men feel like they no longer contribute to society and a lack of resources is seeing them commit suicide at twice the rate of teenagers, according to a leading health professor.

Mental Health

Mental health system under review

Health Minister Sussan Ley has announced that there will be a full overhaul of the mental health system after a new review by the National Mental Health Commission.

Mental Health

The positive ripple effect

More than 2500 deaths are recorded as suicide in Australia each year, along with an estimated 65,000 suicide attempts taking place. In Australia, suicide is consistently the leading cause of death for males and females aged 15–44. However, it is also not widely known that the 80-plus age group in men is the bracket in which suicides occur by far at the highest rate. Any one of us touched by suicide knows only too well that each of these deaths is a heartbreak that has a devastating ripple effect across our families and communities.

Mental Health

Mental health system in disarray

A leaked report into the state of the mental health system has found that the current arrangement is ‘poorly planned’ and in dire need of treatment.


Future of mental health uncertain

The future of over 70 mental health organisations is under threat as Commonwealth grants end on 30 June, and the certainty of funding is yet to be confirmed.


Social media blamed for celebrity death

Celebrity Charlotte Dawson, who had long fought the battle against depression, was found dead in her Sydney apartment on Saturday.


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