The top 10 performing super funds of 2020-21 revealed

Last financial year was massive for super funds, with even the worst performers recording double digit returns.


Experts call for end to generous super tax concessions

In the 2019 financial year, 27 of Australia's biggest self-managed super funds held more than $100 million each in concessionally taxed savings.


What you must check when you receive your super fund statement

The key areas that will show whether your fund is the best fund for you.

Seniors Finance

How are Centrelink’s COVID support payments assessed?

Catherine is about to fill out her tax return and isn't sure how she should record her JobKeeper payment.


Super funds have only a 50-50 chance of passing performance test

How likely are superannuation funds to fail the Your Future, Your Super annual performance test?


Superannuation changes could put future performance at risk

A leading consulting firm believes the federal government's Your Future, Your Super reforms risk creating a less competitive superannuation system.


Retirement has changed forever, survey finds

Retirement is no longer a definitive date on the calendar, survey finds.


Did your super deliver a record return? You should worry if it didn’t

As long as you didn't panic at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, you should have been rewarded with record returns from your super fund last financial year.

Age Pension

How to increase pension payments when you first apply

Dennis has been told to transfer his super into his wife's account to increase his pension and wants to know if it is legal.


Age Pension boost and the other 1 July retirement changes

Changes set to kick in from 1 July could provide a big boost for some pensioners.


Noel Whittaker on tax cuts, super and state governments

Finance guru Noel Whittaker exposes sneaky moves in the Federal Budget and tells what you should never overlook.

Retirement Income

Government changes to ‘supersize’ retirement balances

The federal government's planned super guarantee increase could double the number of retirees enjoying a comfortable retirement, but who will foot the bill?

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