Superannuation News

Watchdog threatens legal action against 'worst' super funds

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority releases new reporting standards to scrutinise funds' performances and how trustees are spending members' money to pay fines.

Superannuation News

Keating says Australians are owed superannuation increase

Former prime minister Paul Keating has reignited claims a rise in the superannuation guarantee is the only way Australians are going to be able to adequately afford retirement without overburdening the pension system.

Superannuation News

Global warning on using pensions in pandemic response

World pension body warns that early super withdrawals should be a last resort.

Superannuation News

Super funds have been working for themselves. That's about to change

Have you ever wondered why your super fund rarely sends you mail?


Common mistakes Aussies make with their super

The most common mistakes people make around super, and how to avoid them.

Superannuation News

Super funds emerge from one year of the pandemic in a strong position

Super fund members have welcomed the return to a more stable footing, but markets are still more volatile compared to the pre-COVID-19 situation.


Think you have enough to retire? Double it, says expert

Economist Hugh Giddy says Australians need twice as much as they think in retirement, in part because Reserve Bank policies are making it harder to save enough.


Are you paying less in superannuation fees? You should be

Total superannuation fees paid by Australia's 13 million super fund members fell to an industry-wide average of just 1.04 per cent in 2019-20.

Finance News

Financial equality a century away, index finds

The Financy Women's Index reports that women will have to wait until 2122 to achieve financial equality with men.

Superannuation News

Super funds run by women outperform male-dominated investment teams

With small gains in annual returns making a big dollar difference in retirement, new research suggests you should look for super funds with female leaders…

Seniors Finance

Your retirement 'pay cheque'

How to ensure stability when a regular salary becomes a thing of the past.

Retirement Income

'Secret plan' to force retirees to use their home to fund retirement

The Treasurer has backed the Retirement Income Review finding that retirees should use their savings more "efficiently" including that the government will ask retirees to use their home to fund retirement.

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