What happens when you withdraw your super from overseas?

Abel left Australia 10 years ago and wants to cash out his superannuation, or transfer it as a pension, but wants to know how it will be taxed.


New laws to make retirees spend their super exempt SMSFs

The government released details of its retirement income covenant on Monday, but it excludes forcing self-managed super funds to the same standards.


Check the fine print, your default super cover could be lacking

Do you hold life or permanent disability insurance through your super fund? You might want to check the fine print.


Why those born in the 1960s have missed out on super growth

Older Australians have lower asset allocations in growth assets and it means they have missed out on a large slice of super's recovery.


Super strategy allows Aussies to save big on life insurance

Australians who are currently struggling to fit life insurance into their budget may be able to benefit by paying for a policy of their choosing via their super fund.

Money Q&A

What evidence do you need for downsizer contributions?

We ask a superannuation expert what information you need to give the taxman.


More Aussies retiring with a mortgage. Is super the answer?

Retirees are increasingly leaving the workforce with mortgage debt which was far from the norm among middle income Aussies even a decade ago.

Money Q&A

Can you move your shares into your superannuation?

Edith has heard that it is possible to move shares into superannuation when you are nearing retirement. What are the benefits of doing this?

Superannuation News

Concessions help wealthiest Australians avoid tax with super

Data from the ATO reveals wealthiest Australians using self-managed super funds to minimise tax.


COVID delaying Australian retirements, experts find

Data reveals that pandemic lockdowns are increasing the average retirement age.

Seniors Finance

Combining your investments with the Age Pension

Retirement specialist Jeremy Duffield shows how the Age Pension can support most retirements.


Unlucky for some: 13 worst super funds revealed

APRA reveals the 13 products that failed the superannuation performance tests.

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