The keys to clearing elective surgery backlog

How to clear Victoria’s backlog of elective surgeries after a six-month slowdown? We need to rethink the system, say healthcare professionals.


How to look after your body and mind before an operation

There may be a team of professionals taking care of the main event, but how can we help ourselves, physically and psychologically, when waiting for surgery?


Now is the time to fix hospital waiting lists once and for all

With some elective surgeries to resume from next week, now is the ideal time to rethink how the system works to make it fairer and faster for all.

Aged Care

Cabinet takes brakes off some COVID-19 restrictions

Good news day? Restrictions are being eased on elective surgeries, talk of a return of some sports is intensifying and we’re unlikely to catch COVID-19 a second time.


The risks – and rewards – in delaying elective surgery

The coronavirus ban on elective surgeries might show us many people can avoid going under the knife. But there are also risks involved.


The secret to lifting surgery success rates

You have a date for your operation and have been fully briefed on what to expect. But what should you be doing in the weeks leading up to the procedure?


Longer waiting times for elective surgery and emergency care

More Australians are undergoing elective surgery and receiving emergency department care in public hospitals causing waiting times to increase in most states and territories.

Health & Ageing

What you need to know before that joint replacement

Steve Perkin takes you along for the ride on his joint replacement journey.


Men now turning to plastic surgery

Body image is an issue most commonly discussed among women, but new statistics reveal that it's a conversation that is now emerging among men. 


Researcher urges probe into dementia surgery risk

The possibility of developing dementia as a result of surgery needs to be urgently investigated, according to a department head at London’s UCL Institute of Neurology.

Health news

Sex is the next step but Janette is ashamed of her body

Janette is ashamed of her body because of multiple surgeries. But she is in a relationship and wants to take the next step. Dr Emmanuella Murray explains how to get past body-shaming and into bed.

Health news

How to decide whether surgery is the best option

We’re living longer, and more of us are living healthier lifestyles, so how to assess whether the potential benefits outweigh the risks?

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