'Hidden tax' costing Aussie women half a billion

Australian women are being slugged with a "hidden tax" and missing out on more than half a billion dollars in retirement savings, research reveals.

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Tax office reports it has already refunded a record $5.3 billion

ATO reports it has already refunded a record $5.3 billion to taxpayers.

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How the ATO is matching info to catch out tax cheats

Australians who have purchased luxury cars, private jets, yachts, thoroughbred horses and artwork are being warned by the Australian Taxation Office.

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Critics line up to blast tax cuts for the rich

Men and big wage earners the winners after Labor says it will support 2024 tax cuts.

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Is an inheritance tax back on the agenda?

Report finds public attitudes toward an inheritance tax appear to have softened.

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Calls for inheritance tax and GST hike to fix broken tax system

Australia's tax laws are costing the nation about $50 billion in compliance costs, while inefficient taxes are costing even more in lost economic growth.

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ATO advises not to lodge your tax return before this date

Waiting a few weeks to lodge your tax return could end up saving you time and money.

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How can we reduce our capital gains tax?

Eric is selling an investment property and wants to know what he can do to reduce capital gains tax.

Retirement Income

Older Aussies forking out billions in loyalty taxes

Australians fork out billions each year in loyalty taxes, and while there's a simple way to avoid them, most older Australians are unlikely to do so.


Super death benefits explained

When a person dies, in most cases their super provider pays their remaining super to their nominated beneficiary.

Seniors Finance

Tax checklist: What to do before 30 June

There are some simple things you may be able to do ahead of 30 June to potentially boost your tax refund.


How to use health insurance smartly to reduce your tax

The end of the financial year often sees Australians working out where they can cut their tax bill. That often means being smart with your health insurance, as the right policy can actually save you money.

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