Government announces it is cutting capital gains tax for granny flats

Government announces capital gains tax incentives in a bid to prevent elder abuse.


Is a GST increase on the cards? Victoria points finger at Canberra

A question at Daniel Andrews’ press conference points to the fact a GST increase is being considered.

Federal Budget

No ‘adverse tax changes to super’ in budget

Senator Hume said the government will abide by its election promise, assuring Australians that there “will be no adverse changes to taxes in superannuation” at the next federal budget.


ATO’s 2020 pension ruling will hurt retirees

A self-managed super fund expert believes the way that the Australian Taxation Office treats excess pension payments this year will disadvantage some retirees.


Seven deadly tax sins that could sink your hopes of a return

Tax time can be painful or highly anticipated. Dr Adrian Raftery outlines the traps and tricks.

Centrelink – Services Australia

MyGov accounts, superannuation targeted by dark web fraudsters

Australians are being urged to upgrade their online security as fraudsters target myGov accounts, superannuation and tax refunds during the coronavirus crisis.


Tax mistakes you must avoid in COVID claims

Be careful what you claim for in working from home. There are capital gains tax risks.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

How retirees can maximise their tax return

Author and accountant Dr Adrian Raftery, a.k.a. ‘Mr Taxman’, shares updates on ways retirees can maximise their tax returns as the end of the financial year beckons.

Banking & Investment

Don’t hand more of your hard-earned money to the taxman than needed

Mr Taxman reveals the strategies you must take advantage of to ensure your tax bill is as low as possible or your refund all it should be.

Finance News

How to minimise the tax load on beneficiaries

Jane is thinking ahead and wants to know the most tax-effective ways to bequeath her assets on her death. She asks Noel Whittaker for guidance.


Tax raid in store on super earnings?

Experts tell how government may seek to ease the financial burden of COVID-19.


Tax implications if super benefit is left to non-dependant

When a person dies, in most cases their super provider pays their remaining super to their nominated beneficiary.

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