Superannuation News

Cyber threats put banks on high alert

Banking executive says cyber attacks are 'the single biggest issue' facing the sector.

Technology News

What is 'upskirting' and what are your rights to privacy?

Queensland federal MP Andrew Laming has been accused of taking an inappropriate photograph of a young woman, Crystal White, in 2019 in which her underwear was showing.


Technology to help you get a better night’s sleep

Sleep: it’s the best time of the day for some, whilst for others, sleeping doesn’t come so easily. So, we’ve found some revolutionary tech to help you chase down those precious Zs.


Tech Q&A: Is it possible to digitise my old VHS videos?

Theresa has a lot of memories stored on VHS video tapes and wants to know how she can convert them into a more watchable medium, and which one is best?

Aged Care

102yo grandmother scammed out of aged care bond in $375,000 email hack

When 102-year-old Nancy Pun's $375,000 aged care home deposit was stolen, her family could not bring themselves to tell her.


Everything you need to know about voice recognition tech

Voice recognition technology is taking over, but is there anything to fear?

Technology News

Is your email software safe? Microsoft security flaws discovered

On 2 March 2021, Microsoft published information about four critical vulnerabilities in its widely used Exchange email server software that are being actively exploited.


How Apple makes it impossible to get a cheap and easy phone repair

If Apple and other tech companies have their way, it will only become harder to have our phones and other devices repaired by third-party businesses.


The easy way to get medication delivered to your door

Australians can now access their medication and over-the-counter remedies by simply downloading the new Chemist2U app or ordering online.


How to … fall back asleep

Sleepless nights are frustrating, and for some people, all too common. Controlling your surroundings, avoiding stimulants and practising yoga can help you to fall and stay asleep.

Health news

Could your phone help to prevent blindness and glaucoma?

Usually, we think of smartphones and the blue light that they emit as causing damage to our eye, but a new study reveals they could be used to prevent severe eye disease.


Best grocery shopping apps

For those aiming to reduce their weekly grocery bill, there are many ways to save at the supermarket.

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