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Health alert: Elderly at risk from social media misinformation

Elderly Australians are particularly vulnerable in the time of COVID-19. Isolation and a need for accurate information has them turning to social media for answers, often with disastrous results.


The best kitchen appliances as voted by Australians

The pre-Christmas sales are here and this is a great chance to stock up on kitchen appliances (or Christmas presents) at a discount.


Win a MiCam Explore GPS navigation system

MiCam Explore is the best technology to keep you safe wherever you go. It fits discreetly onto your dash and works anywhere regardless of mobile coverage. And you could win one in time for your summer road trip!


Gadgets that make life easier for older Australians

Thanks to rapid advancements in digital technologies over the past few decades, older Australians are able to live fuller and happier lives with the help of simple, user-friendly electronic aides.


ACMA releases new rules to detect, trace and block scam calls

The Australian Communications and Media Authority's Combating Scams Action Plan aims to reduce the scale and impact of scam calls on Australians.


Fake supermarket offer scams thousands

Free food box offer attracts flurry of attention before Facebook acts.


Social connection boosts fitness app use

Research from Flinders University in South Australia has found that using fitness apps can increase physical activity engagement.


What to do before you sell or give away your devices

Upgrading your technology is great, but how do you protect your info on your old devices when you sell them or give them away?


Here’s how home technology can help you to tidy your home

Stop the cycle of hoarding and minimise the unwanted junk with these top tech tips from decluttering expert Helen Sanderson.


Will new travel technology invade your privacy?

The trade-off between being COVID safe and maintaining your privacy will probably be felt more keenly when we travel.


How to turn your smartphone into a dumb phone

Your phone is designed to take your attention at every opportunity, but there are ways to fight back and make your time your own again.


The downsides of dating apps, and how to overcome them

More and more people are turning to dating sites and apps to find love. The pool may seem larger, but that doesn’t necessarily improve our chances of finding a mate.

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