Phone and internet complaints go through the roof

Residential consumers and small businesses made 167,831 complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman in the last financial year.


ACCC threatens telcos with fines for misleading advertising

The Australian Competition Consumer Commission has put telecommunications companies on notice over dodgy advertising and is ready to impose hefty fines unless they change their ways.


New report reveals the worst telecommunication companies

Australia’s two biggest telecommunication companies – Telstra and Optus – fared poorly in a customer service survey of Australian consumers.


Apple’s five big announcements

Early this month, Apple announced significant changes and updates to many major products as well as a few new features. Drew shares the five biggest announcements.


Are your smartphone fingerprint and facial information secure?

YourLifeChoices member Jennifer is concerned about the security and recording procedures surrounding fingerprint and facial id passwords on newer smartphones. Are they secure?


Do you still need a landline?

The increasing reliability and coverage offered by mobile and wireless technologies may have you wondering whether or not you really need to keep your landline.


No more nuisance calls: how to prevent telemarketer calls

Are you sick of rushing to answer the phone, only to find out it is yet another telemarketing company attempting to sell you something? Here’s how you can prevent those nuisance calls.


NBN rival to launch in 2016

Currently operating in New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia, global telco MyRepublic this week announced plans to launch services in Australia by mid-2016 as a rival to the NBN.


Find free wifi wherever you are

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are a fairly common accessory these days. Here’s how to access free wifi on the go, so you can stay connected without eating into your data plan.


Aussie shocked by $571,000 mobile bill

Bill shock isn’t a new phenomenon, but this year one Australian took it to the next level, returning home from an overseas European trip to a $571,000 mobile phone bill.


120,000 mobile users lose service

Kogan Mobile’s Telstra 3G network wholesaler ispONE went into administration last week. So what does this mean for customers?

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