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Home quarantine trials for South Australia

South Australia will soon trial home quarantine for fully vaccinated Australians returning from overseas.

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Travel SOS: What travel expenses are tax deductible?

Angela wants to know exactly what she can and can't claim for when it comes to tax and travel expenses.

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Pets could soon be allowed to travel in plane cabins

Airlines will soon be able to decide whether our pets can sit with us on flights.

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Tran-Tasman bubble open to select states, with pre-departure testing

Trans-Tasman bubble reopens to a handful of Australian states with the new requirement of a pre-departure COVID test - even for fully vaccinated travellers.

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More eyes on South Australia than ever

A record number of visits to South Australia's key tourism portal were reported after Adelaide took the title of Australia's most liveable city.

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BaconFest 2021 set to be ‘pigger’ than ever

Festivals have to be pretty impressive to draw a crowd in winter, but this celebration of all things pork just might fit the bill.

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Antarctica all-inclusive with flights packages on sale now

Hurtigruten Expeditions operates a range of cruises to the polar regions and is offering some incredible travel deals, on sale until 31 July 2021, for cruise departures until 10 March 2023.

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Singapore high on the list for next potential travel bubble

Singapore is likely to be the next international destination open to Aussie travellers, according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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Flinders Ranges one step closer to gaining World Heritage status

Virtual reality project showcases the remarkable diversity of the Flinders Ranges.

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Trans-Tasman travel bubble failed to inflate

Resurging infections have halted several travel bubbles, and unplanned quarantine is a risk tourists must consider.

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Australia’s biggest concerns over tourism’s environmental impact

Australians share their thoughts on how tourism can be made more sustainable.

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Shocking claims of criminals infiltrating Qantas

A 'significant' number of Qantas employees are allegedly connected to organised crime groups and may be using the national carrier to smuggle drugs and contraband into the country.

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