New cancer treatment listed on PBS

Treatment continues the battle to give cancer patients greater peace of mind while extending their life expectancy.

Health news

Researchers find cancer-fighting potential in non-cancer drugs

Medicines often prescribed for diabetes, inflammation and even one that treats osteoporosis in dogs, can also kill cancer cells in the laboratory, according to an exciting new study.


‘Revolutionary’ pain treatment

A new class of preventative drugs is offering life-changing treatment for migraine sufferers, according to a report published in the Medical Journal of Australia.


Is this the future for dementia care?

Families are sending their relatives with dementia to Thailand for treatment and care.

Your Health

Dodgy treatment: it's not us, it's the other lot, say the experts. So who do we believe?

Patients might not be getting the best advice about which treatments do or don’t work, according to a new study.


It’s critical that you recognise this ‘silent killer’

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, which makes it vital that you recognise the telltale signs.


New research highlights the health blind spot costing lives

Many Australians diagnosed with mental health issues don’t know where to go for help.


GPs debunk arthritis surgery

Surgery for osteoarthritis, which affects about 60 per cent of Australians aged over 55, is at best a placebo and puts patients at risk of complications, says new report.


Which bug has bitten you?

Australia is home to a lot of beasties and with summer on its way, there’s bound to be a more than a few bug bites happening. So how do you identify and treat these bites?


How to treat an injury at home and recover properly

Soft tissue injuries, such as spraining your ankle and straining your neck or back, happen from time to time. But in most cases, they’re simple to cure. So, what’s the correct way to treat these injuries?


Is it ethical to give babies chiropractic treatment?

What do you think of a newborn receiving chiropractic treatment? A Melbourne chiropractor has defended himself after claims the procedure he gave a newborn baby was unethical.

Men's Health

Why ED medicines won’t magically fix your sex life

ED meds have been hailed as a miracle for men who often fail to rise to the occasion, but the truth is they do have their pitfalls, and they won’t magically fix your sex life either.

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