COVID vaccine boosters available within weeks

The federal government has announced that COVID booster shots will 'likely' be available to all Australians by the middle of November.


Will you be eligible for a COVID booster shot? And when?

Australia's leading health authority recommends third doses of COVID-19 vaccines be administered – but only to the severely immunocompromised for now.


How to handle this important, but awkward, question

‘Are you double dosed?’ How to ask friends and family if they’re vaccinated, and how to handle it if they say no.


New COVID pill cuts hospitalisations and deaths in half

COVID drug could cut the number of hospitalisations and deaths in half, says manufacturer Merck.


COVID booster jabs needed for older Australians: vaccine body

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation has acknowledged that older Australians will likely need a COVID booster jab.


Lockdown roadmaps threatened by fake vaccine passports

Criminals on the dark web are selling fake vaccine passports and offering to alter Medicare records, threatening to undermine Australia's path out of lockdown.


Novavax to begin COVID/flu vaccine trials on older Australians

Novavax is set to begin trials of its COVID/influenza vaccine on Australians aged 50 to 70.


Older Australians waiting for mRNA vaccines at back of the queue

Many older Australians have been waiting for more mRNA-based COVID vaccines to arrive, but pollies say they're at the back of the queue.


Friday Funnies gets a kick out of COVID vaccination ads

Vaccination ads that kick butt and lift the spirits.


Our supply chain is strong but medicine imports the 'weakest link'

Australia's supply chains held up well during the pandemic, but experts identify medicine imports as the weak link.


AZ provides same long-term protection as Pfizer against Delta

Push to consider 'mix-and-match' approach to allow more people to be vaccinated more quickly.


Could a vaccine 'pass' for public spaces work in Australia?

Helping vaccinated Australians enjoy more freedom makes sense but are there legal obstacles? Two academics tell what can and can't work and why anti-vaxxers will always find a way.

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