Luke Hines Mini Vegie Pies

Luke Hines’ new book The Fast Low-carb Kickstart Plan is packed with great recipes, such as these ripper Mini Vegie Pies.


Slow-Roasted Crushed Potatoes and Garlic

The trick to these potatoes is to break them into different size pieces so that when they’re cooked some are crispy and some are soft. They’re excellent for soaking up sauces.


An underrated way to live longer

If people ate well and exercised, hospitals would be 80 per cent empty, says Professor Luigi Fontana.

Healthy Recipes

One-Pan Pork and Veggies is all about simplicity

Whenever a meal can be prepared in just one pan, it’s a winner in our book. This simple pork dish is tasty and combines a great range of vegetables.


Hearty, healthy and cheap – pasta pleasure

There are five serves of vegetables in this hearty, healthy pasta. It’s cheap, delicious and vegetarian, although you can add meatballs for the non-vegetarians in your life.

Healthy Recipes

Zesty Carrot Salad – really packs a crunch

This Zesty Carrot Salad is a great alternative to coleslaw. No need for all the chopping, just a grater will do and, with a yoghurt and tahini dressing, it’s healthier than coleslaw, too.


Roasted broccoli is packed full of flavour and goodness

Roasting broccoli is super easy and the taste will have you roasting it every time. We always knew it was good for us, we just didn’t know it could be this delicious.


The essential food item you should be eating and why

Dietary advice tends to come thick and fast with research increasing and becoming ever more confusing. Don’t eat butter, do eat butter ... but there are some staples, and fibre is one.


Tuna, Cheese and Vegetable Slice

Could anything be simpler? Tuna from a can with nutritious grated vegetables and cheese to round out a good proportion of your daily dietary requirements.


Grow Free: the power of sharing and caring

Philosophy boils down to ‘Take what you need and give what you can’


Grilled Beef and Vegetable Salad

This recipe can be partly prepared beforehand, so you can have a quick, healthy and delicious meal ready to go at any time.


Healthy BBQ Chicken Shashliks

If you’re looking for an easy ‘warm-up’ meal for BBQ season, shashliks are the perfect test. What could be better than meat and vegetables skewered on a stick? Add a good marinade to make these tasty titbits extra special.

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