Rosemary and Basil Eggplant in Za’atar

Roasted eggplant with za'atar - a blend of Middle Eastern spices - served over rice or whole grains, with a tahini sauce, chilli flakes and a sprinkling of fresh basil.


Hearty Healthy Vegetable Pasta

There are five serves of vegetables in this hearty, healthy pasta. It’s cheap, delicious and vegetarian, although you can add meatballs for the non-vegetarians in your life.


Spiced Lentils with Pumpkin

The earthy flavour of lentils combine with the sweetness of pumpkin in this vegetarian dish of Spiced Lentils with Pumpkin.


Hot Yoghurt and Spinach Soup

A tasty hot yoghurt and spinach soup that can be compared to a healthy cream of spinach soup.


Potato, Tomato and Eggplant Bake

This dish is usually prepared during the day in summer, then served cold at dinner. If you make it in winter, serve it hot. Use a clay baking dish to give the bake better texture and flavour.


The benefits of meat free days

A new study has found links between regularly eating meat and a wider range of common diseases than previously thought.

Food and Recipes

Orecchiette with Sweetcorn and Green Chilli

A simple, delicious vegetarian recipe for green chilli orecchiette pasta full of flavour and nutrients.


Chef Anna Jones shares how eating vegies can help the planet

Food writer Anna Jones talks pandemic cooking, and why it makes sense to factor in climate change when planning dinner.

Food and Recipes

Cashew Nut Pakoras with Green Dipping Sauce

These cashew nut pakoras are crunchy, spicy and highly addictive.

Food and Recipes

Vegetarian Biryani with a twist

This tasty vegie biryani is made with rice and vermicelli noodles.

Food and Recipes

Flatbread Pizzas with an Asian Twist

The Italian classic gets a fragrant Asian makeover with this Eat Offbeat flatbread pizza recipe.

Food and Recipes

Rick Stein’s Autumn Vegie Soup

This autumnal vegie soup will keep you going on colder evenings.

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