Long-term effects of virus becoming clearer

Researchers fear virus causes long-term damage to patients’ lungs, chronic fatigue and psychological issues. n


COVID outbreak on naval ship shows masks the best defence

Scientists have found that masks, not handwashing, provided the best line of defence for US sailors caught in a coronavirus outbreak onboard an aircraft carrier.


Researchers suspect talking can transmit the coronavirus

Researchers suspect normal talking can launch thousands of tiny droplets that remain suspended in the air for up to 14 minutes and can transmit the coronavirus.


Without effective contact tracing, we’re driving blind: WHO

Without effective contact tracing in place, the virus could take off again, health body warns.


Why ‘true’ spread of COVID-19 must be revealed

New COVID-19 modelling suggests we're way worse off than we've been told.


New virus has authorities on alert as death toll rises

Australia will screen passengers on key flights from China in a bid to detect the SARS-like virus that has killed at least 17 people.


Security flaw exposed in popular computer brand

Security experts Kaspersky have exposed a security flaw targeting the online automatic update service of the world’s fifth largest computer company, ASUS.

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Scientists find most promising common cold ‘cure’ yet

A team from Imperial College London has discovered a way to stop the cold virus from reproducing and spreading through the respiratory system.


Antibiotic overuse blamed for rise of the superbug

Antibiotics are not a “cure all”. They can help fight bacterial infections, but they’re no good against viruses, so there’s every chance they won’t help your sore throat.


Global cyberattack hits 200,000 Windows users

An unprecedented ransomware cyberattack that began in the early hours of Saturday morning has, by the end of the weekend, affected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries.


How does your smartphone or tablet get a virus?

Smartphone and tablet viruses can slow down your device and compromise your personal information. In part one of a two-part article, Ryan explains how your smart device can become infected.

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Which vaccines should you have?

Vaccinations are considered the best way of guarding yourself against serious infections, especially as you age. So which vaccinations should you have?

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