Health news

It takes 21 litres of water to produce a small chocolate bar. How water-wise is your diet?

Have you ever thought about the water-scarcity impacts of producing your favourite foods? The answers may surprise you.


10 simple water-saving tips that can save you hundreds

You’re not a ‘wally with water’ but you open those quarterly bills with trepidation. Are you doing everything possible to keep costs down? We reveal how you can cut your water bill.


Why that day-old glass of water might taste odd

You wake from a sleep and reach for your glass of water. It’s the water you poured the day before and it has been sitting in the glass for 24 hours. It tastes odd. Could it bad for you?


When a thirst might be dangerous

In the heat of summer, it can take as little as 30 minutes to become dehydrated. Be aware of these warning signs that your body needs more water.


What’s that taste in our tap water?

Australian tap water is globally one of the best in quality, giving us the privilege of tasty water, as well as bragging rights. So, what makes our water taste so good – or in some cases, a little strange?


Rising water bills are making your budgeting even harder

Droughts, failing infrastructure and desalinated water purchases are ramping up the cost of your water usage.


Water bills fall for first time in five years

For the first time since 2012, the price of household water bills has fallen, the Bureau of Meteorology has revealed.


Drowning deaths among older Australians on the rise

With a spike in drowning deaths among older Australians, it could be time to update your water, swimming and safety skills.


Water bills are set to double

Water bills could more than double by 2040 unless steps are taken to reform Australia’s urban water, Infrastructure Australia Chief Executive Philip Davies has warned.


Sometimes you have to be your own medical detective

He saw specialists, visited an acupuncturist and had a brain scan, but he never expected the solution could be so simple

Travel News

Travel Gadget: SteriPEN gives you clean drinking water in seconds

We’re often told to be cautious when drinking water in other countries, on cruise ships or from public taps, but the SteriPEN Pure+™ can give you clean drinking water in 48 seconds.


Can drinking too much water endanger your health?

We all know drinking plenty of water is good for us, but can you overdose on H2O? According to one CSIRO researcher, the answer is ‘yes’ – it could even be fatal.

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