Health & Ageing

Super agers changing the definition of ageing

More people aged 70, 80 and older are performing at the standard of 60-year-olds, study finds.


10 myths and facts about dental fillings

Do you need to replace fillings? Can they stop tooth decay? More than 4500 people were asked these questions, and more. Here are the answers.


Signs you’re not stretching enough

Stretching is the kind of thing we know we should be doing, but often find hard to fit into our busy lives.

Alternative Therapies

How to repair the hormone imbalances that ruin a good night’s sleep

Menopause and the resulting hormone imbalance can wreak havoc on your sleep, and naturopath Lara Briden knows how to fix it.


Podcast: Samuel Johnson speaks about life and staying positive

John Deeks speaks to Samuel Johnson about life and why a positive outlook is important.


Ignore these wellness trends to lose less weight from your wallet

Many wellness trends spruiked by untrained influencers are ineffective and, at worst, can be detrimental to your health.


Can creating art help with your mental health?

Whether it's doing a class or doodling at home, art can be a great form of mindfulness.


How to sleep if you share a bed with someone who struggles to drift off

Dr Guy Meadows shares his expert advice on getting, and staying, asleep.


Which is the best sleep position?

We all know that sleep is integral to a long life, but the position in which you sleep can either do wonders or damage your health. So, which position will help you live longest?


What is toxic positivity and is it harmful?

Psychologists say toxic positivity is on the rise, but what is it and why is it harmful?

Technology News

Six reasons to go device-free one day a week

The prospect might be daunting, but here's why you should try going device-free for a day each week.


How to stop gas pain

It’s normal to have some gas. But if the gas can’t easily get out, you may feel uncomfortable and bloated.

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