Estate planning & wills

How to set up a fund for the grandchildren; how to find an executor

Estate planning expert Rod Cunich answers your questions on trust funds and executors.

Estate planning & wills

Will stepfather have the final say with his new will?

Can the new will of a stepfather drawn up after the death of his wife – excluding her children from any inheritance in favour of the stepfather’s only child – be contested? Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich has the answer.


How does property sale affect winding up of father’s estate?

Hilda* is the executor of her late father’s will and has a question regarding property sales and capital gains tax. BNR Partners director Ian Raspin offers some guidance.

Estate planning & wills

Can I share an inheritance with my siblings?

Jeff* receives an Age Pension and has been named the sole beneficiary in a relative’s will. He asks Rod Cunich about any ramifications if he were to share the inheritance with siblings.

Legal & General

How do I ensure my mum’s will fulfills her wishes?

Connie is the executor of her mother’s will and has asked YourLifeChoices’ estate planning expert Rod Cunich for guidance.


David fears home ownership status may be costly

David and his wife own their home as ‘joint tenants’. They ask estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich if that will cause them issues when one of them dies.


Why we need to talk about the financial side of death

Financial planner Helen Baker guides us through the really important conversation that many of us prefer to postpone – repeatedly.

Legal & General

Why daughter’s challenge to will is inevitable

Jacob* wants to block an estranged daughter from his will while providing for a disabled son and his brother. He asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich if that is possible.


‘Can I make voice-recorded amendments to my will?’

Linda made her will 40-plus years ago and wishes to make some amendments. She asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich if her planned strategy is legal.

Grief and Loss

Can daughters fight stealthy change to Mum’s will?

A mother has quietly changed her will to leave the family home to a son and exclude two daughters. Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich explains how they should proceed.

Finance News

Should Colin bargain with his brothers on will?

Colin* has cared for his parents for years and has been promised recompense in their will. However, he is concerned that his brothers will contest their wishes. He asks Rod Cunich for guidance.

Grief and Loss

‘What are the tax implications for Mum after Dad’s death?’

After the death of his father, Ken is helping his mother put financial assets in her name. Tax accountant Vicki Thanos steps in to help.

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