Why do women retire in poverty?

In Australia, women retire with half as much superannuation as men. Understanding why this imbalance occurs is the first step towards closing this significant gap.


Better breast cancer detection

A new form of breast cancer screening is on the horizon and it’s proven to be 40 per cent more effective at detecting breast tumours than mammography.

Health news

Savvy woman’s guide to menopause

While most women are familiar with common symptoms of menopause, many find themselves unprepared for the emotional repercussions it can have.


Ghostbusters gets a makeover

It is official – the Ghostbusters remake is on its way. With an all-female cast announced, it was met with both enthusiasm and criticism.

Health & Ageing

Health tips for over 50s

As people move into their 50s, 60s and beyond, health problems may become more numerous and more varied.


Top five songs celebrating women

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why treat yourself to the top five songs celebrating women. Have we left anything out?

Magda loves women

Magda Szubanski loves women, she’s a lesbian, always has been. As with many other gay men and women, she is incredibly disappointed that the legalisation of same sex marriage is still a topic which is being discussed, rather than being accepted.

The right to choose

So Magda Szubanski has spoken in favour of same sex marriage, do we care? Personally I believe everyone has the right to proclaim their support for whatever takes their fancy, the fact that they happen to be a celebrity holds no weight for me. Celebrities seem too eagre to speak up for this cause or that cause and honestly, it becomes a little predictable.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Pensions, Payments, Allowances and Tests

Age Pension age for social security purposes is 65 years for men. Women qualify at different ages depending on their date of birth in accordance with the table below so by 2014 the minimum qualifying age for women will also be 65 years.

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