Supermarket duopoly gone too far

Coles and Woolworths control the market, but Australian shoppers say they’re losing on price and variety.


New Woolworths/eBay alliance

In an announcement made on Tuesday, Woolworths and eBay have declared an alliance that may change the future of shopping – both online and in-store.

Woollies offers health checks

Free medical checks are being trialled in Woolworths stores.

Coles to become a bank

Retail giant Coles is in the process of applying for a banking licence

Supermarkets behaving badly

It seems as though all the big supermarkets have made the news this week and not necessarily for the right reasons.

Woolworths profits from pokies

Australia’s fresh food people are on their way to becoming one of the world’s largest pokies operators. Woolworths runs 11,700 pokies machines across Australia, which is more than the ‘big six’ casinos in Las Vegas combined.

Dairy farmers fight back

Last Friday Jane Burney, the wife of a fifth generation Oxley Island dairy farmer, posted a comment on the Coles Facebook page. She was angry after watching a Coles ad on television, in which the supermarket chain claimed to support Australian farmers, and decided to let Coles know exactly what she thought of their ‘support’.

Supermarket rewards wars

Claiming to have changed the face of reward programs, Coles has launched its new Flybuys My5 program with great fanfare including rolling out Curtis Stone and Dawn French to publicise its new offering.

Beware supermarket saving promises

Coles and Woolworths have tried before to gain favour with shoppers by dropping the price of everyday items such as bread, milk, fresh fruit and vegetables. But with each simply matching the other’s offers, it was the producers of such items that were ultimately squeezed on price.

Fruit and veg price war – who benefits?

On Australia Day in 2011 the Coles supermarket chain slashed the price of milk. Coles claims that in the past year it has saved consumers $175 million.