Friday Funnies flees the Yoga studio

Whether you can turn yourself into a human pretzel or can’t touch your toes, here are the best yoga gags to celebrate International Day of Yoga.


How to exercise your whole body

To get the most from exercise it’s vital to pay attention to all areas of your body. These workouts will engage all your muscles – all at once.


Five beginner yoga poses to aid your digestion

Bloating and indigestion is never fun. In fact, it can be painful. Ease the bloat with these five beginner yoga poses – even the most novice yogi will benefit.


Never, ever give up

Doctors told veteran Arthur he'd never walk unassisted again. Watch him prove them wrong


Get dancing to prevent broken bones

Have you ever questioned whether you’re doing the right kind of exercise? If you’re looking to improve your balance and reduce the likelihood of falls, then hitting the dance floor could be the answer.


Morning stretch routine

YourLifeChoices subscriber Joyce has shared with us the video she uses for her morning stretching routine. Why not follow along with this 10-15 minute video every morning for a week, and then let us know how you go?


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