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How to spot an abscess and what to do about it

Abscesses are a common and painful skin infection. Here's how to spot them, get rid of them and prevent them from coming back.

Health news

Scientists develop promising vaccine for recurrent STI infections

This year has highlighted the protection offered by vaccines, and scientists have developed a new jab that may solve a problem that plagues older Australians.

Brain health

How air pollution affects brain function

A new study has shown that even short-term exposure to air pollution can have a measurable effect on brain function.


Could you be addicted to stress?

Stress is a normal and often healthy part of being human. Abi Jackson talks to therapists about stress addiction and why it happens.

Your Health

Older Australians at greater asthma risk, women most of all

New data reveals asthma deaths in Australia remain 'stubbornly high', with older women at particular risk.


Mobility key to recovery from hip surgery

Mobility is key to recovering from hip surgery, but report shows disparity in hospital care.


The diabetes treatment that can fight COVID

Scientists at the University of South Australia show that a diabetes treatment is also effective against COVID.

Health Checks

The five-minute at-home test for heart health

How you can keep a check on your blood pressure to keep nasty surprises at bay.

Your Health

One beer or wine a day could be good for your heart, study finds

A study from Monash University shows a link between moderate alcohol consumption and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Health Checks

Warning signs of bowel cancer

As UK personality Adele Roberts is diagnosed with bowel cancer at 42, these are the warning signs you should never ignore.

Health & Ageing

Could you have dry eye syndrome?

Got sore, gritty eyes? You could have dry eye syndrome, and experts want you to know it's treatable.

Brain health

Boozy boomers given dementia warning ahead of Christmas

Older Australians who drink to excess have a much greater risk of dementia. A UNSW study aims to determine if a brief intervention can slow cognitive decline.

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