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Census back online after bungle

Who’s to blame for the bungled Census?

Census back online after bungle

The Census is back online after a 48-hour shutdown.

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Time for a digital detox?

Do you need to do a digital detox?

Time for a digital detox?

Do you twitch at the thought of losing your phone? Spend hours staring at a ...

10 tech tips you didn’t know

10 tech tips you didn’t know

10 tech tips you didn’t know

Using your digital devices is so much easier with our 10 clever tech tips.

Six super Gmail tricks

Macbook computer on desk with Gmail displayed

Six super Gmail tricks

Gmail is already easy to use, but these tips will make it even more efficient.

Understanding your smartphone

A woman holding s smartphone

Understanding your smartphone

This guide will walk you through the components and features of your device, from A ...

The worst passwords of 2015

SplashData has revealed its 2015 list of the worst passwords

The worst passwords of 2015

SplashData has released its annual ‘Worst Passwords List’ for 2015.

Five best new gadgets from CES

A man enjoys using his new gadgets

Five best new gadgets from CES

CES is now over so we’ve rounded up the best new gadgets for the year.


How to create a shortcut or alias

Creating shortcuts or aliases means you can find computer files in no time at all.

Find files faster

Five ways to reduce computing costs

We share five ways you can save when using technology.

Start saving now

Free apps to reduce eyestrain

Seven free apps and tips to help prevent or reduce digital eyestrain.

Watch out for eyestrain


Five best portable battery chargers

A portable battery charger is a traveller’s best friend.

Stay charged

Turn your iPhone into a camera

If you use your iPhone as a camera here’s the one gadget you need to perfect your pictures.

Transform your phone

Top five gadgets of 2016

Here are five of the best gadgets for 2016. Do any entice you?

Five of the best


ASIC forces telco to refund millions

A breach of trust by a major telco will mean it now has to refund its customers $2.4 million.

Will you be refunded?

Do you still need a landline?

Do you really need to keep your landline?

Phone home?

How to wipe your smartphone

Find out how to protect your privacy and wipe your data before selling your smartphone or tablet.

Stay safe


Five best health check websites

When should you be tested for breast cancer, diabetes or prostate cancer?

Should you be tested?

ACCC inquiry into internet speeds

Public inquiry into internet companies’ failure to deliver advertised broadband speeds.

Broadband speeds

When will I get the NBN?

Find out when the NBN will roll out in your area.

Speedy internet

Social Networking

Are you addicted to Facebook?

Have you ever wondered if you’re addicted to Facebook? Why not find out?

Are you hooked?

How to delete yourself from the internet

Erasing yourself entirely from the internet can be a big task, but it's possible.

Erase your identity

Facebook to help you ditch your ex

Facebook has plans to help you to obliterate your ex from your social media.

Stop the stalking

Software & Downloads

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Are you thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 but unsure if it’s worth it?

Make the right choice

The ultimate city guide apps

Find out the best businesses in town with these handy apps.

Support local business

Learn a new language fast

The Duolingo language app will have you talking like a local in no time.

Free foreign language app

Online Shopping

Nine websites that help you save

These nine online shopping websites will help get you get more for less.

Savvy online shopping

How to sell your vinyl online

Vinyl records are making a comeback, with sales the highest they’ve been for 20 years.

Vinyl revival

Spotting fake user reviews

Drew explains how to spot a fake review.

Can you spot the fakes?

Safety Online

Digital security tips for travellers

Five digital security tips to help protect you from cybercrime when you travel.

Stay cyber safe

Census farce no laughing matter

ABS confirms that the Census website was hacked last night.

Census fail

200 million accounts compromised

The stolen records of 200 million email accounts are now for sale online.

Email hack

Technology News

Best free music listening services

Explore the world of online music streaming with these five free services.

Free music access

Pay-as-you-go roadside assistance

A new pay-as-you-go roadside assistance app could save your day and will save you money.

PAYG roadside help

How to create the perfect password

Researchers have found a poetic way to create a secure password that’s easy to remember.

Password poems

Technology Q&A

When will I get the NBN?

Find out when the NBN will roll out in your area.

Speedy internet

Stop a program opening on startup

Drew explains how to stop specific programs from loading when your computer turns on.

Speed up your computer

How to follow someone on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks, full of short and snappy tweets.

Personalise your Twitter


How to make Facebook group chats

Find out how you can chat with a group of your Facebook friends in one chat.

Quick tech tutorial

What is Fetch TV?

Record live TV, use streaming services and watch pay TV with just one device.

Find out about Fetch TV

Should you trust phone pay apps?

Smartphone payment apps are becoming more common, but how safe are they?

It pays to be in the know

FunOnTheGo App

What is an App?

App, short for application, is now such a commonplace term that there is an assumption everyone knows what one is. If you’re unsure, Rachel has a simple explanation.

What is an App?

Who uses Apps?

If you’re not sure if you’re the kind of person who may use an App, perhaps you need some suggestions on what kind of Apps are available.

Who uses Apps?

Why bother with an app?

When you can access just about any website from your phone or tablet, why would you bother with an app?

Why bother with an app?

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