Best broadband internet plans

Are you paying too much for your internet plan? Drew looks at the best broadband internet plans on the market to help you save money.

The internet plan market has changed over the past 24 months with prices steadily decreasing. Unlike your mobile phone plan, the quality of service provided by the smaller companies in the market is significantly higher and you can save wads of cash by making the switch.

Start by reviewing your current plan. Have you been with your provider for more than 24 months? If so, you are most likely paying much more than you should for an inferior product. If you are happy with the service, call up your provider and discuss your options, as you will find a less expensive plan which provides a similar level of service. If you have your home and mobile phones with the provider, you may also be able to save extra by bundling your plans.

Your other option is to look around at what is offered on the market. I have listed the main service providers’ prices below. If you feel I have missed one or would like share your experiences, please comment below.


BigPond 50GB Liberty Plan
$79.95 per month

Optus Naked DSL 120GB Plan
$75 per month
No excess usage charges (speed is capped if you go over your monthly allowance)
24 month contract

TPG ADSL2+ Standalone Plan
500GB of data
$49.95 per month
12 month contract

iiNet ADSL Broadband Plan
200GB of data
$49.95 per month
24 month contract 

One Seniors Broadband Plan
Unlimited data use
24 month contract
$29.95 per month
Australia’s only telecommunications company dedicated to over 55’s

*You should read the terms and conditions of broadband plans closely as many of these contracts will include a one-off cost for a broadband modem that can be anywhere from $50 to $200 that which be built into the first invoice.

Mobile internet

Vodafone Pocket wifi Pro 6GB plan
$29 plan on a 12-month contract.
No charge for wifi device

Optus pre-paid 4G Mini WiFi Modem Starter Kit
$199 outright with 10GB of data (60 days expiry)
Recharge cost for 15GB of $130 (365 days expiry)

TPG Mobile Broadband
5GB of data
$24.99 per month (no contract term)
USB E1762 Modem ($49.99)

One Seniors Mobile Broadband Plan
5GB of data
$30 per month (12 month contract)
Free USB Modem ($16.50 shipping charge)

iiNet 3G Mobile Broadband Plan
8GB of data
$29.95 per month (12 month contract)
Free USB Modem

Written by Drew

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