Five best Windows 10 features

Have you recently upgraded to Windows 10? Or do you need a little more motivating?

Five best Windows 10 features

Have you recently upgraded to Windows 10? Or perhaps you need a little more motivating? Here are the five best features to get you started with Microsoft’s latest operating system.

The Start menu

One of Windows users’ biggest complaints with Windows 8 was the change made to the Start button and menu. Microsoft later made some adjustments in Windows 8.1 that made the new Start menu feel a little more familiar, but with Windows 10, it has been completely overhauled. The new Start menu is somewhat a hybrid between Windows 7 and 8 versions, but to ensure everyone is happy with the Start menu they have, Microsoft has added more customisation than ever before. How-To Geek has a great rundown of all the things you can do to modify the Start menu, including changing colours, size, tiles and more.


Internet Explorer has been left in the wake of better and faster internet browsers for some time now, and although it is included with Windows 10 for compatibility reasons, Edge is Microsoft’s browser of the future. Rebuilt completely from the ground up, Edge addresses much of Internet Explorer’s problems, bringing plenty of new features, speed improvements and long-overdue security upgrades. If you’re not already using Edge, why not check it out? Microsoft’s website can help you get started

Action Center

This is where you will receive notifications from your programs and apps, similar to a smartphone or tablet. Some events, such as new emails, system updates and calendar events, will pop up at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. To view in more detail, you can click on them or click the Action Center icon, which is a little speech bubble displayed at the bottom right corner of the screen, near the clock. If the icon is white, it means you have a notification waiting. Clicking the icon brings up all your recent notifications as well as a few buttons that allow you to change some options, such as wifi, Bluetooth and screen brightness. To stop notifications from popping up, you can click the Quiet Hours button in the Action Center.

App overhaul

The stock Calendar, Photos and Mail apps have been rebuilt, and have been improved greatly on their Windows 8 predecessors. Bringing not only some key features, which were left out of earlier versions, but a pleasant redesign that works well for both touch screen devices and desktop mouse and keyboard.

Virtual desktops

Another long-awaited feature, which has been missing from Windows for some time, is the ability to have multiple virtual desktops. This means that you can have your screen open with all of your programs and applications open, then swap to a different screen with a different set of programs open – it’s almost like having two screens. While it may only be used by a small percentage of users, it’s a powerful tool and worth knowing how to use. PCWorld has a great guide on How to use Windows 10's Task View and virtual desktops.

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet? If so, how are you adjusting?

If you want any functions explained in an article, then let us know in the comments below.


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    22nd Sep 2015
    Minor positive issues. I suggest you don't upgrade until all the issues are worked out. The "Free" upgrade has so far cost me in excess of $500 and many issues to be resolved. At the moment, the keyboard does not work at all in Win 10, a programme I have installed won't accept the Serial number so can't use it, and on and on.
    22nd Sep 2015
    Darn right it aint 'free', am on prepaid wifi at $180 p/a, because of this 'free upgrade' that does not complete, 8 times it tried to download, used up all my $$$ and cost $720 till got to deny any downloads, and will not be installing it, its not necessary.
    22nd Sep 2015
    mums puter has had nothing but trouble with windows 10 , it wont take norton, it wont do this it wont do that, shouldnt need a new hd on a relatively new puter like to go back to windows 8
    22nd Sep 2015
    Like a lot of people, I'll upload Windows 10 when all the bugs are taken out. So far as usual Microsoft has launched a product which hasn't got all the bugs worked out and left it up to the people using it to sort it out for them. it should not cost anyone anything to change over to Windows 10 and I suggest that Microsoft have a webpage where people can get in touch with them and get what ever they have paid out to upload this program reimbursed. I am happy with Windows 7 and these 'boxes' they have instead of icons are the first things that should have gone. Probably be about 2 yrs down the track before I'll get my techo to upload it for me.
    22nd Sep 2015
    2 years down the track it aint gunna be free!!!!!
    22nd Sep 2015
    Win10 not for PC’s - been there and done that on 3 desktop machines and in the end had to format and install a fresh copy of Win7 Pro on each and restore from (post Win10) backups. The devil (GWX) is hidden in KB3035583 and once you get this ‘update’ on your PC it’s like a virus and even if you elect to go back to Win7 – it will not go away! All the apps (programs) are trimmed right down and even Edge was disappointing and you soon realize that Win10 was designed for tablets.
    22nd Sep 2015
    Upgraded 1 PC to W10 about 2 weeks ago to have a look. The PC was a self-built one, and the installation went perfectly.
    I think you will find the problem installs are mainly on Brand Name PC's because the manufacturers cut costs by not adhering to the Industry Standards. Whereas components you buy separately, for assembly yourself, do follow the standards.

    A couple of things I did after the upgrade:

    1. Of course, the first thing I did was install a decent anti-virus (Trend Micro), quickly followed by Mozilla's Firefox and Thunderbird for internet browsing and email. These are to replace Microsoft's unreliable and untrustworthy equivalents.

    2. Within minutes I realised I hated the new Start Menu, so an immediate $4.99 for "Stardock Start10" was money well spent (allows selection of any Start Menu you want). It is now exactly the same as W7.

    3. I love my Desktop Gadgets. Tried installing the "8GadgetPack" (which I use on my W8 PC's) and found that it works perfectly in W10.

    4. Love my W7 Games. Installed "Windows 7 Games for Windows 8 and 10" and settled in for a couple of rounds of BackGammon.

    5. Trolled through the settings and switched OFF anything that looked a bit "iffy".
    Especially, turn OFF the "Let apps use my advertising ID for experience across apps" setting in "Privacy". AND, while you're on that screen, click on "Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalisation info" and turn OFF "Do you want personalised ads from Microsoft?". ALSO, copy and paste the web address into any other web browsers you have (eg Windows Explorer/Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc) to turn it off in those browsers as well.

    6. I now feel pretty much at home with W10 after these changes pretty-well turned it back into W7. (But it's still bloody ugly compared to W7. Some borders on the windows and a few rounded corners would be nice).
    22nd Sep 2015
    Hawkeye, comment that problems down to using cut price brand machines simply not true. I have had problems with my July 2015 MSI machine ($2k+).
    So far have had problems ranging from inbuilt touchpads being rendered inoperative, problems accessing network attached servers which worked perfectly well before, settings for a wireless printer having been scrubbed (back to USB cable until I can resolve), lengthy periods when machine unusable because completing update reconfig....and so it goes on.
    The most telling one was an SES machine being used for a presentation to a school group. I had updated it and taken the precaution of doing full set up and dummy run a week before the presentation. On the day when powering up the machine was unusable for about 10 minutes (5 of these into our presentation!!). When I finally got control of the machine the touchpad was unusable because Win10 had redone a previous update. The previous update had only been rectified by using the rollback driver option for the touchpad driver.
    The biggest problem with Win 10 is that M$ has demanded control of your machine so they can reduce their support costs. Yopu have no choice but to accept all updates automatically, whether it bu**ers up your machine or not. This is the only basis on which consumers can have Win10, paid or free. If M$ were an Australian company they would be prevented from doing this by the Unconscionable Conduct provisions of the Trade Practices Act!
    22nd Sep 2015
    Is not your MSI PC a brand name machine. They still use cut price non-standard proprietary components (even if people are prepared to part with $2K+).

    I have 3 self built Desktop PC's which I know include quality components which comply to standards, so I can be confident that drivers will be included with W10, so I will be upgrading these PC's.

    My 3 Laptops are a different matter. They are all fairly recent HP's of different models and generations (1each ProBook, Envy and Pavilion), purchased used on eBay, and with the HDD's replaced by SSD's.
    2 have W7Pro64, and the 3rd (which just arrived this morning) has W8.1.
    Because obviously, the laptops will contain proprietary non-standard components, I will not be upgrading those until HP has confirmed W10 compatibility.

    I agree with your last paragraph, and if you the Pro version you can turn off automatic updates. (And I think MS will have to introduce the same in the home version before long). Also, never use a Microsoft Account to log-in to W10 or W8 if you value your privacy.
    22nd Sep 2015
    I changed to windows 10 when it became available, I have changed back to windows 7, the reason being I couldn't'the access my mail, word or excel, since I have lots of things stored on those 3 things it was impossible for me to stay with windows 10, did I do something wrong when I installed windows 10 ? I am not a computer expert
    22nd Sep 2015
    As may readers of this site are likely to be of advancing years and receding financial resources I suggest that many of the problems of Win10 can be overcome by dumping it in favour of the freeware Linux OS. Unless you are (as I am) stuck with business needs which demand full inter-operability with other organisations which are locked into Win applications, a highly satisfactory level of inter-operability can be achieved by the combination of Linux and Linux based applications such as Libre Office (=M$ Office), GNU Cash (=Quickbooks). These apps might not be quite as slick and friendly as Win apps, but then they don't have the price tag.
    22nd Sep 2015
    I have it, it didn't cost me but I don't like it!
    22nd Sep 2015
    Reading all these comments, I am so glad I have Apple Mac OS and not Windows!
    22nd Sep 2015
    I still use windows7 because I am happy with it. I took the advice to hold off installing the 10 & wait until all issues are dealt with.
    22nd Sep 2015
    It would be great if Widows 10 did not disable my wireless connection to the internet and force me to either use a cable connection or go back to Windows 7.

    I chooses to uninstall Windows 10 and reinstall Windows 7 so I can use my laptop with not being shackled to a desk!

    Very disappointing that Windows 10 doesn't work with my Toshiba laptop!
    Young Simmo
    22nd Sep 2015
    WOW, I sure am glad I read all this advice. I went from Windows 7 to Windows 8 about 12 months ago and have been thinking about going up to 10. Now I know where I am going and it is no where different. With my Windows 8, and after noticing the difference on my mates Widows 8 mail, I immediately installed Windows Live Mail onto my Windows 8, and every thing is as smooth as silk.
    WARNING:: That old saying, "DO NO T RUSH IN" still applies, even in this high speed world.

    22nd Sep 2015
    My sis in law had problems and spent $100 getting fixed after downloading windows 10.

    I will not be doing so until the death knell ; hopefully by then all the problems will be ironed out. Early downloaders are being used as guinea pigs to find the bugs.
    22nd Sep 2015
    I installed win 10 on my 2 laptops and my desktop with no problems. It updates normally and all programs work OK
    23rd Sep 2015
    Me too. I upgraded as soon as it became available. It works fine. I like the features.
    23rd Sep 2015
    Me three! I've had it from day one and it is fantastc. No problems at all!
    16th Feb 2016
    Me four :)
    22nd Sep 2015
    I accepted the Windows 10 upgrade and within a week my computer became unusable, it wasn't just a matter of winding back to my former OS either, everything froze and I needed to pay someone to fix it for me....BE CAREFUL...I won't be going back to Windows 10. My chosen firewall was disabled, I couldn't use any of my preferred programmes and my anti virus/spyware applications were blocked...then my computer just refused to even start up. Only Microsoft applications were able to be accessed.
    24th Sep 2015
    I desperately wanted to upgrade in the hope I could overcome some issues I had with windows 8 but I simply cannot download over the top of Windows 8. error after error pop ups kept appearing with increasing frequency, to the point where my laptop became totally unusable. The geeks told me I needed to reformat my Hard Drive with the consequential loss of all my pics & data & said it was caused by trying to load windows 10 on a slow connection (what other type is there?)
    24th Sep 2015
    I upgraded a couple of months ago. Only had one problem being the graphics card driver. Downloaded a win10 driver and all was fine. Other than that, it's been good. Not much different to windows 8 though, and I don't use any of the above list of new features. Plus I installed the windowes 7 style start menu from
    12th Oct 2015
    I wish I'd never heard of Windows 10. My mate and I both upgraded (excuse me? shouldn't that be 'DOWN!'?), and hated it. Admittedly, like anything new and a bit complex you have to give yourself time to adjust. But for me W10 required a lot more than adjustment. The real problem was that my folders and files were corrupted. Photo folders disappeared and showed up among Document folders, files within document folders disappeared altogether or showed up in other folders. If it wasn't for the fine print, I'd sue these clowns!
    15th Dec 2015
    I also have a privately built computer and I downloaded Windows 10 free right from the start and I have not had one moments trouble. I actually like it very much.

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