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Did you know that your internet browser keeps a record of every website you visit? Read on to find out how to delete your browsing history for each browser you use and keep your online footprints to yourself.

Google Chrome

To view your history, open up the browser, then click either the ‘Wrench’ (appears as a small wrench) or ‘Menu’ button (appears as three small horizontal lines) in the top right hand corner, then click ‘History’. From here you can view and search all of your history and delete individual entries or by clicking the ‘Clear browsing data’ button, you can delete entries in bulk.

If you would like to browse the internet without recording a history, you can open an ‘Incognito Window’ by pressing ‘Ctrl + Shift + N on Windows’ or ‘Command + Shift + N’ on Mac.

Mozilla Firefox

To view your history, open up the browser and then click the ‘Menu’ button (appears as three small horizontal lines) at the top right hand corner, then click ‘History’. From here you can view and search all of your history. By clicking the ‘Clear Recent History’ button you can delete in bulk.

By clicking the ‘Menu’ button again you can click ‘New Private Window’ to open up a window which will not record any browsing history. 


On the desktop version of Safari: First, open up the browser and then click ‘History’ at the top menu bar. From here you can view your recent history and by clicking ‘Show History’ you can view more detail. To delete your history, click ‘History’ on the menu bar again and then click ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

On iPhone and iPad version of Safari: Open up the ‘Settings’ app on your device, scroll down until you see ‘Safari’ then tap it. Now scroll down until you see ‘Clear History and Website Data’, tap this icon and confirm that you would like to delete your history.

Internet Explorer or Edge

First, open up the browser, then click the star icon at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Now click the ‘History’ tab where you can view entries. By right clicking, you may delete individual entries.

To delete your history, click on the ‘Tools’ icon (shown as a gear, next to the star) and then select ‘Internet Options’ from the dropdown menu. On the ‘General’ tab, underneath the ‘Browsing history’ heading, select ‘Delete’. Now you can select the types of data you would like to delete. Click ‘Delete’ when you’re ready and your tracks have been covered.

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  1. 0

    Save Energy ! Don’t look in Naughty Places ! 🙂

  2. 0

    With Chrome you can also click on the 3 bars and select ‘New Ingonito Window’ and you can use this to surf the web without it being added to your history.

  3. 0

    There are advantages as well as disadvantages involved with one’s browsing history. If you delete it and then want to go back to something you read yesterday or last week or whenever (depending on how many days you have your history set for), you can’t simply go back to it – you have to find the site the way you originally got to it, e.g. a link from an article or a search result. That might be easy, or it might take some time to find the page again.

    I prefer to retain my history to make it easier to go back to something I have read. In Firefox I especially appreciate the Search box which allows me to search for a word rather than a whole link.

    For example, if a week or more from now (depending on how many days I have my history set for) I want to return to this YLC article or give the link to someone else, in Firefox I type Ctrl+H to open my history and then type the word “hide” in the history Search box. The results include any web page I have gone to with the word “hide” in the URL.

  4. 0

    If you delete your browser history do you then also delete your passwords affiliated with particular sites you have asked your computer to remember?

  5. 0

    Sorry, you can attempt to hide but you can’t delete. The methods above only stop you from seeing where you have been. But your cache files still contained within your computer still retain that history. Or so I understand.

    Any computer buffs out there able to shed some light on my unreliable computer understanding?



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