Don’t be scared of the cloud

How does cloud storage work? And is it a secure way to store photos and other files?

cloud computing

The ‘cloud’ is a relatively new concept in technology, which can be a tad difficult to grasp. Put simply, the cloud is a storage system that uses the server, rather than a phone or computer hard drive. This means that data is not stored on a device but on a remote database, making it accessible from different devices through the internet.

An example of cloud storage (that’s free) is Dropbox, which allows you to upload files to a folder that can then be opened on any computer with internet access. An advantage of cloud storage, in particular a service such as Dropbox, is that files can be easily shared with those who you allow access to. Another advantage of remote storage is the convenience of accessing files from any location.

But perhaps the biggest benefit is that photos, documents and other files won’t be lost if your phone is, or if your computer stops working. Other examples of free cloud storage include Google Drive, OneDrive and Apple’s iCloud.

The biggest question that most people have, with regards to cloud storage, is whether or not it’s safe. The level of security depends on which system you’re using, as different companies (i.e. Google or Apple, etc.) will have different ways of protecting the privacy of your files. Essentially, as long as your password is unique and secure (as is the case for all things tech-related), then cloud storage is extremely safe. So don’t be afraid to embrace it as a digital storage option.

Do you use the cloud or do you prefer to store your files on a hard drive?



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    30th Aug 2017
    You should be very afraid of the cloud.
    While it gives you an element of security against physical theft you are relying on the big guys for security in the virtual world.
    While the USA is a safe, democratic society your information in the cloud is probably more secure than your vault at home. However, if the scenario changes and a despot rules then the person with the data holds the power.
    This is how we have genocides, this is how we manipulate others - any data or information you share is in the hands of THE people who control the world.
    No, your data is neither private nor secure in the cloud. Think before you upload - would it matter if a foreign power had access to this information. If you think no, my baby's christian baptism movie won't matter - then ask the Jews.
    30th Aug 2017
    I think the people who name these things have got there heads in the clouds.

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