Windows Task Manager shortcut

I am one of those people who always has several programs open at once and, even though my laptop is less than two years old, programs do freeze up. In the process of unfreezing the computer and closing the errant program, the fewer processes you have to go through, the better. Since I can remember (the 90s), pressing the Ctrl, Alt and Delete buttons at the same time would bring up the Task Manager which allows the user to force any programs on the computer to close. This process has changed over the past few years and, if you are using Windows Vista, XP, 7 or 8, Ctrl, Alt and Delete will take you to a screen with multiple options, one of which is to start the Task Manager.

The good news is that Microsoft didn’t do-away with the Task Manager shortcut, they simply changed it. From now on you need to press the Ctrl, Shift and Escape keys all at the same time.

Hopefully this allows some of you to avoid minutes of frustration.

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Written by Drew

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