iWatch could predict heart attack

The latest Apple iWatch rumours suggest that the new wearable device will include monitoring software that can predict heart attacks.

In 2011, Apple employed audio expert Tomlinson Holman, the inventor of THX and 10.2 surround sound. While most onlookers assumed that his role would be to improve audio aspects of Apple’s devices, it turns out that he is exploring ways to measure noise ‘turbulence’ as it applies to blood flow. It is suggested that through noise measurement, seniors can predict a heart attack by identifying the sound blood makes when it travels through an artery clogged with plaque. A recent patent application also suggests that Apple may include a piece of software which unlocks the device if electrical signals, unique to your heart only, are detected.

Reports also suggest that the iWatch will be able to monitor fitness statistics such as steps taken and calories burned while also keeping track of blood pressure, glucose levels and your heart rate. A new piece of software will additionally allow users to plug in information about their medication so they are automatically alerted when it is time to take their next dosage.

The hiring of medical-device expert Marcelo Malini Lamego earlier this year seems to back up a lot of these rumours about the broader impact the iWatch may have on our daily lives.

What do you think? Is Apple heading in the right direction by making the iWatch more about maintaining a healthy life and body management? Or should they stick to what they know best, phones and computers?

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