Pickpocket proof clothing

Don’t risk your belongings being stolen overseas.

Pickpocket proof clothing

One piece of advice every traveller has either given or received is ‘keep your valuables on you’, but with pickpockets stealthy enough to get into the most cautious of travellers’ pockets and bags, how useful is this advice today?

Just in case it isn’t, here are the best items of travel clothing from SmartTravel to help keep your valuables safe, and you stress free.

The Heather Grey Infinity Scarf

The Heather Grey Infinity Scarf has a pocket big enough for a passport, phone and small wallet concealed behind a rip so hidden you may struggle to find it the first time you use it. It wraps twice around the neck and is made of soft material making it both cosy and practical. It comes in a variety of different colours and fabrics, and is perfect for air or plane travel when you might want to catch a wink of sleep.

SCOTTeVEST Jacket and Vest
These SCOTTeVEST-designed jacket and vest are subtle and secure enough to conceal all your valuables.

The Chloe Glow is a lightweight jacket perfect for active wear designed to keep your hands free and your valuables secure. It has 18 pockets, six of which are internal and zippered, and one of which is large enough to hold a tablet or iPad Mini. It is moisture-wicking, machine washable and comes in a variety of colours.

With 25 pockets and zip-off sleeves so it can be worn as a jacket or a vest, this may be the ultimate piece of travel clothing. The SCOTTeVEST jacket is a machine washable cotton and nylon blend. It has a network of internal pockets, one of which is large enough to fit a standard iPad in sizes medium and up.

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    3rd Aug 2019
    Good jackets, Expensive? I usually wear one of my sleeveless double sided, lightweight (slightly padded) nylon/polyester jacket with twin zippered breast pockets passport/ phone size. The side pockets are not secure, even though they have overlapping flaps, but are handy for odd things. I do have one which has a large zippered side which will fit an i pad.
    The two inside pockets are zippered. I also have a couple seersucker short and long sleeved,
    shirts with twin zippered breast pockets, pretty good for easy access and security and can be worn many times without looking as if I had slept in them! served me well on my many trips.
    3rd Aug 2019
    Remind me not to queue behind those two at the airport security checkout! haha
    3rd Aug 2019
    Everyonr will be watching you fiddle with your scarf and see what you pull out and wearing those jackets is like putting a sign on your back in5a tourist. Wev5found the best way is not to dress like a tourist and blend on as a local.
    3rd Aug 2019
    Easy take off the jacket, goes through easy provided you have stuck all "NO NOS" in the main bags. Nearly forgot the 38 once!!
    3rd Aug 2019
    The sleeveless I wear, you wouldn't know it from any other one. The only thing taken out prior would be i pad, like all have to do!
    7th Mar 2020
    Who wants to wear these clothes when it's hot? Certainly not me.

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