World’s five weirdest gadgets

Some of these gadgets are so strange you wouldn’t believe they were actually made.

Do you find regular toothpicks unbearable? No? Neither do I, but someone does, so much so that they decided to invent a tool which allows you to avoid the hassle at parties and free up some fingers for … perhaps wearing more FingerPickin Cocktail Picks?

These Periscope Lay Back Glasses are designed so that you can read or watch TV without having to sit up. While that may sound quite lazy, these glasses could be perfect for anyone who has back problems or is recuperating from an injury (or just really has trouble getting comfortable reading in bed).

If you have trouble sleeping on flights, and you don’t mind keeping everyone else awake, the terrifying Ostrich Pillow may be the gadget for you. This scary mask is padded and perfect for napping, and it also has a slot at the top where you can insert your hands so they stay warm and cosy.

Fitness tracking gadgets have been all the rage recently, so why not let your dog join in on the fun with PitPat? This fitness tracker attaches to your dog’s collar and sends your smartphone details about how much exercise your dog has been doing.

Are you perhaps more of a cat person? If you wish you could be closer to your cat, this gadget might be exactly what your life is missing. LickiBrush allows you to brush your cat as if you were using your own tongue!

What do you think? Would you consider buying any of these weird gadgets? Have you ever seen something stranger for sale?

Written by ryanbo


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