PM plays blame game with NBN

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has pointed the finger at NBN Co and the telcos.

How to make your internet connection more secure

A secure internet connection projects your device and software from being hacked.

Parliamentary panel slams NBN rollout, suggests changes

Joint standing committee urges NBN to lift its game with technology delivery.

ACCC slams telcos over promised NBN speeds

The ACCC is calling for a change to "frankly terrible" advertising of NBN speeds.

Australia’s terrible broadband download speeds revealed

Australia ranks 55th in broadband download speed tests.

Government finally taking NBN complaints seriously

ACMA is set to investigate issues with the National Broadband Network.

Labor's NBN compromise

Labor is preparing to change its NBN policy.

Eight great ways to make your wifi faster

Tired of waiting for webpages to load? Here are eight great ways to make your wifi faster.

Online directories narrow search for trustworthy tradies

Find out what others say before you hire your next tradesman.

How to deal with an internet troll

Trolls belong under bridges, here's how to put them back in their place.

If you are experiencing wifi connection issues, try these tips

Are you having trouble connecting your smartphone to wifi? Try these tips.

NBN switch: is your connection at risk?

By not switching to the NBN, thousands of Australians are risking being disconnected.

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