Affordable Australian internet alternative

YOURLifechoices member Joyce likes that her internet provider offers an Australian support service, but isn’t so happy about the price she’s being charged. Drew offers her a few alternatives.

Q. Joyce
I’m currently with Westnet as my internet provider, but I keep going over my 5000mg a month download limit (on ADSL 1), for which I pay $39.95. I know there are better deals out there, but I’ve found that Westnet has a superb (Australian) support service and I was wondering whether you knew of another provider where I could get similar support service, but with a greater download limit?

A. Provided by Drew
You may wish to revisit your current Westnet contract as you are currently paying a high price for a fairly low usage rate. If you have a look at its website, you will find that you can now pay the same amount for a 20GB package. If you call up the accounts department at Westnet, you should be able to get transferred to a new package and pay the same amount.

There are of course, other operators on the market using Australian support services. A few examples are:
Adam Internet

Do you have an alternative internet provider which you can recommend to Joyce?

Written by Drew

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