Scientists believe these headphones could cause cancer

A petition by scientists reveals 'serious concern' about the risks of wireless devices.

These types of headphones could cause cancer

Apple's Airpods are the fastest selling Bluetooth headphone device on the market with 28 million pairs sold worldwide already. But could Bluetooth headphones such as Apple’s Airpods pose a cancer risk?

There are 250 scientists from around the world who have found that they do, and have expressed 'serious concern' about the risks of wireless devices to the United Nations and World Health Organisation by submitting a petition for a review of current standards.

‘My concern for AirPods is that their placement in the ear canal exposes tissues in the head to relatively high levels of radio-frequency radiation,’ said University of Colorado professor Jerry Phillips.

The group of scientists are concerned that numerous scientific publications have been published recently that show EMF affects living organisms at levels below international guidelines.

In their submission, the scientists wrote that ‘effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans’.

The group of scientists believe that the guidelines need to be strengthened and that the general public needs to understand the risks of radio waves.

What do you think? Do you use Bluetooth headphones? Will you re-consider purchasing products with Bluetooth in the future?



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    23rd Apr 2019
    Drew, a little more research and you would find some interesting facts. There are not 250 scientists from around the world that have found that Airpods cause cancer. There is no research that shows that Airpods cause cancer. There is research that suggests that continued exposure to high levels of the EMF that Airpods work with may cause an increased possibility of cancer developing. In male rats.
    There is a very long way from "may increase the possibility of cancer" and causing cancer.
    Please be objective and factual when you quote fearmongering stories.
    23rd Apr 2019
    I spent all my working life of over 40 years in a variety of power stations and sub stations in Australua as well as overseas working with EHV transmission line protection systems and other than producing twins I have not been affected at all ;)
    Conversly I cant help wondering if early brick mobile phones could have had an effect? I recall some limits were imposed on those at the time.

    It could be a bit like a 80 year old chain smoker saying smoking doesnt kill hey :) but honestly I am living proof that emf does not affect you at all.
    23rd Apr 2019
    1:45pm - best to get a balanced response.
    23rd Apr 2019
    So many people will believe the sort of non-science that is out there.

    It is almost impossible to change an idea using logic, if that idea was not initially placed using logic. Translated, an illogical idea is hard to replace with a logical idea. Hence we have no chance of getting nuclear power, idiots who think vaccinations are not worth having, and (would you believe) ignorant people who think that any amount of asbestos will kill you. We also have religions, but that is too hard to talk about here.

    23rd Apr 2019
    I am well aware of this risk and don't use Bluetooth at all. Regards to the other comments, it's a matter of our immune system. Older people grew up in a much healthier environment, before junk food and sedentary lifestyle. It's in today's youth that we see the effects of rf's. I know quite a few young people in their 20's. Who had already cancer (all heavy mobile phone users) Rf's are just one more stress on our immune system, so I choose to avoid what I can. For more go to and learn from real life experiences. Science today is often funded by the companies who want us to believe that all is safe. Always follow the money to get to the truth. Who has most to gain? It's a huge industry with political connections, just like tobacco used to be.
    28th Apr 2019
    I agree you need to look after your immune system, and live also a chemical free life. The healthier choices you make the more likely you can build up resistance to it all. It is the only thing left in our power but even that is being threatened.
    24th Apr 2019
    Apparently if you are listening to downloads, such as podcasts and audiobooks, putting your device into airplane mode will eliminate RF radiation, which dramatically reduces the amount of overall EMF radiation emissions.
    25th Apr 2019
    These headphones may be the least of our worries.

    There are serious concerns among scientists regarding EMF, particularly 5G radiation. Some countries and US states are now pushing back against 5G introduction. Here are a few very informative links - 11 reasons to be concerned peer reviewed studies on EMF related studies International Appeal from scientists call for Protection EMF Exposure
    28th Apr 2019
    I was thinking the same thing from what I have read about 5g and do we even need it, 4g works well enough I think. In fact 3g was working well for me until they got rid of 2g and for some reason my phone stopped getting a signal and I had to upgrade. Will be another money racket.
    28th Apr 2019
    Luckily my teenage son won't use them, he still prefers the old fashioned over the ear plug in ones, he says they are more comfortable and work better.
    I worry about our exposure to EMF's we are all an experiment. And with 5g coming things may get worse.
    Little kids are the most vulnerable I would think too.

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